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    Stage directions are still short Essay

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    From the beginning of scene ten, the stage directions immediately raise tension by saying “a few hours later that night. Blanche has been drinking fairly steadily. ” This puts across that she is under pressure and may be upset about something. When it continues to say, “she DRAGS her wardrobe into the centre of the bedroom” this suggests that she is worn out. General phrases in the S. D slightly hint that Blanche may be mad like, “hysterical exhilaration” and also “murmuring excitedly. ” From just reading this first stage direction or just the quotes I have stated here, you can tell that Blanche is going slightly mad.

    They also create tension which makes you want to continue with the story. In the next stage direction you can clearly see that Blanche is nervous by saying, “tremblingly she lifts the hand mirror. ” It creates tension by implying that her movements may be slow. When it talks of Stanley appearing it says “he has had a few drinks on the way” this suggests that his actions towards her may be rough. It then moves on to saying he “has brought some quart beer bottles home with him. ” Which raises tension slightly. In the next stage direction on page 109 it says, “lurid reflections appear on the walls around Blanche.

    ” By saying “around her” it puts across the fact that only she can see them, she may be in a state of confusion and dizziness. The word “lurid” creates a state of tension. Its moves on to say they are of a grotesque and menacing form. The context of these words especially grotesque seems to build up tension, not only in the story but also inside her. The next main stage directions on pages 110 and 111 hold a lot of tension which is built up whilst you read on. Its starts off in Howard Bates, 10Q the second sentence saying “the night is filled with inhuman voices like cries in a jungle.

    ” Once again this seems to state that Blanche is imagining things. The shadows are continued followed by flames, which is sometimes associated with nervousness. The next stage direction is rather misleading, it says “the bathroom door is thrown open,” this makes you think that he is going to attack Blanche but it continues with “and Stanley comes out in the brilliant silk pyjamas. On page 111 the stage direction creates tension by saying that Stanley is staring at her, he may have something planned it raises suspicion when his glare is followed on by a grin.

    The lines spoken by Blanche and Stanley are short, this implies that Blanche isn’t comfortable in the situation she is in. Tension is increased when it states that the music goes softly. The silence has filled the room creating more tension then the inhuman voices start again; this clearly seems to make Blanche nervous in her situation. Stanley is in her way of the doorway and she is hearing things again. Short but simple stage directions are carried on in the next page continuously raise tension. The speeches between the stage directions are still short.

    She then smashes a bottle and holds the end as self-protection. the last stage direction puts a crisp end to the scene, making it fairly clear that she gets raped but doesn’t say it straight to your face. The music at the end creates the last bit of tension, this is stopped abruptly with the end of the scene. Tension here, is built up cleverly throughout the scene. Making you want to read on, music is added to increase the tension. the scene is bought to a sharp end with Stanley having the last word before he rapes her.

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