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    Spanglish: The Need For Money Essay

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    I watched a movie, Spanglish. I am going to compare it with Maria Full of Grace. Maria Full of Grace is just as good as Spanglish, the difference of the two movies is the difference of culture, both movies relate on making a sacrifice to get a better future, and also a better living standards. Maria Full of Grace shows what people are willing to do, in order to obtain money to feed their families. Maria is a Colombian girl who comes from a poor family and feels the necessity to help her family to get a better living standard. The only job available that can pay her a great sum of money is to transport illegal drugs in her body to the United States. She gets this job by a friend of hers who, has done this job before and has a lot of experience in this job.

    The movie of Spanglish is also a movie that shows what, immigrants and others are willing to do to earn a bit of money, to support their families. This movie takes place in Los Angeles. It is about a house cleaner named, Flor who came from Mexico, a single mother who has to support her daughter, Cristina. Deborah hires Flor to be her housekeeper. Neither woman is perfect but both try to be perfect in their own way, they do not take each other criticism, And how Deborah’s husband John, takes interest in Flor the housekeeper.

    The movie is also more than that. John wonders how an immigrant mother and her American daughter can maintain the same identities. It”s about the invisible scars a mom can leave on a child. It”s about class, race, success, parenting, ambition, pride, disappointment. This movie is about life. I say it’s about life because it deals with immigrants who have to go through some rough times to be able to support their families While Deborah is worrying about being a perfectionists herself, Flor, on the other hand, is more humble and noble.

    Deborah is a slave to perfection in physical terms. She pushes her chubby young daughter, Bernie, to lose weight by buying her new clothes that are too small. Deborah does not show love to her daughter. She does not spend any time with Bernie whatsoever and instead Deborah actually prefers Flor’s skinnier, prettier Twelve-year-old daughter, Cristina.

    Spanglish proves that strong relatable characters and a deeply emotional story just do not cut it if you do not have a decent ending. Although it is nice to see, the characters built up so their lives extend beyond the span of the film, it would have been better to see some sort of resolution.

    Both movies show different ways people earn a living and the sacrifice that each person has to make in order for them to provide food, shelter, clothes, to their family. They both show the sacrifices an individual has to make to support his or hers family to get ahead in life and to try not to come back to the same low living standards as before. They also show that they want their kids to get a better future, and better opportunities in another country.

    Both movies have good criteria on them. I can relate to both stories, because similar things happen to my family and me, for example my mom got here with eleven kids from another country. She did not have a job, she had to go out and find a job without speaking a word in English, to give us the opportunity to go to school and to get a better future. I see the same necessity happening to all cultures, not only Hispanics or Latinos it happens to all people who are not born in the United States and that they do not speak English, as Flor and Maria went through it in both of the movies.

    Both movies focus on real life stories that people from another country and in some cases others who are from the same country that do not have a good living of Standards, and they have to start from the bottom but with the advantage of speaking their own language. People who have to go through rough times in order to succeed in a new country.

    Both movies have good criteria. I have three important points of criteria on good movies. I like movies that have good story line, what I mean with a good story line is, a movie that I can follow, that gives me an idea of what is going to happen in the next scene, and a movie that I can relate to, for example I can relate to Spanglish and Maria Full of Grace. I know that I have been through rough times to get here to college, and I know that my mom has been through worse then I to get me here, to have a better future and to be able to succeed in life. I can relate to movies that have to do with somewhat reality that happens to people, I do not like movies that do not teach people a lesson. I like learning from movies.

    The second criteria for a good movie, it needs to give me a reason to want to watch it, an interesting introduction. I think that what makes good movies is that they need to have a good beginning. If the movie has an interesting beginning than many people are going to want to watch it. A bad beginning kills the entire movie. Finally, the ending is an important role in the movie; you can’t sit two hours in a movie theater and watch a movie that has a bad ending, or even worse a boring ending.

    It has to have an ending that gets people thinking about the movie, a reason to watch it again; a good ending not just two persons kissing it must have more than an ending. Something that helps people remember the movie, I think Maria Full of Grace and Spanglish, have a good ending it could have been better but I learned something from both of the movies and I could understand why they ended up the way they did. Maria Full of Grace, at the end Maria decided to stay in the United States, I could understand why she might decided to stay because she was pregnant and she probably wanted a better future for her child.

    I would recommend both movies to everyone because they are movies that everybody can learn something new. They have a good point of view and they are something different from other movies. People who have been through rough times and that have to work hard to succeed in life and become whom they want to be, I think they would like both movies because both movies show how people want and can succeed in life and how some people are willing to do everything and anything to have a better future.

    People who are rich, or persons that their parents have given them everything they own, and they didn’t have to work hard to get what they own then, I don’t recommend the movies. Because they won’t understand why so many people want to come to this country, they wouldn’t learn anything new because they have everything and they don’t need anything else and if they do need something all they have to do is ask their parent’s for it and the parent’s would give it to them.

    The rating on both movies are different, rating on Maria Full of Grace is rated R, I think is a good idea that is rated R, because it has some scenes I wouldn’t like my kids to watch some scenes. Kids will not understand the point of the movie, and they will not learn anything from it especially if they are younger than fifteen. The Rating for Spanglish is PG-13, and I would recommend teenagers to watch it, it’s a great movie and it has a good story line, teenagers would like it and learn something from it, especially if their from another country and if they have parent’s who don’t speak English, I think they would enjoy it and learn something from it.

    Spanglish to me was worth eight dollars to go and watch in the movie theater because I learned something from it and I related to this movie from the moment the first scene started. It gave me a reason to keep on watching it, the first reason that it gave me to keep on watching it was the first scene it started with a very interesting introduction. It was the perfect mood for the perfect movie.

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