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    Space Age Technology Essay (1079 words)

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    Man has innovated through out history, always developing new technologies and making great advances in science. One field of science that has grown exponentially is the department of space exploration. We now live in an age of knowledge in which space technology plays a great role, by developing new means of communication by which we can share our knowledge. The only problem is that this new age of knowledge is not very accessible to everyone on the planet.

    Third world countries are lagging behind the developed countries in the department of knowledge. Third world countries suffer greatly from the deprivation of the knowledge that is an almost exclusive to the developed countries. We will take a look at how the lack of knowledge affects areas like education, economics, employment, ecology, energy, ethics and ekistics. We will also take a look at how developed countries can help the third world countries.

    Finally, we shall see what space technology can do to help these countries. First of all, education, economics, employment, ecology, energy, ethics and ekistics are all tied in together, and the lack of knowledge affects them all. For instance the lack of knowledge affects directly education. People in third world countries are often not as highly educated as people in the developed countries.

    In turn this will affect the economics and employment of the country. If a highly educated man or woman is trained and start looking for works, their needs to be jobs available for that person. If their isn’t any jobs around, developed countries will come in and try and offer those persons a job, in exchange for their knowledge. Now since these people are leaving that means their will be one less person to contribute to the country. If these developed countries company offer them a job somewhere else then they will follow and so the companies that are already in that country will suffer. Of course, the environment will also suffer, because with out their scientist around they won’t know what to do to take care of their surroundings.

    Without their scientist the third world countries will also have trouble in being able to extract the energy that comes from their own countries. Often these countries deprived of knowledge will try to act like the developed countries, but without having the rights laws and code of conduct they end up hurting each other a lot more. Their moral attitudes and the way they see each other are also influenced by these other countries. If the scientist and other highly specialized workers leave their own country they cannot contribute to advancement of their country. How can developed countries help the less knowledgeable countries ? One way is by helping these countries develop their means of information.

    Instead of going to other countries and taking away the knowledgeable people they should insist that they stay there to help their own country. By doing this they will be encouraging people to help themselves. Since these countries look up to the knowledgeable countries they must be careful with what they do. If the developed countries are careful with their environment for instance, the other countries might do the same to try and catch up and be like the developed countries. The important thing is to build the knowledge of these underdeveloped countries, to do this you must show how important education is, and insist on developing a good educational system.

    Of course the developed countries can also help by funding certain projects in these countries. Why ? Because it will be profitable for them in the long run. Developed countries have been looking at things mostly in the long run, while the underdeveloped countries have been worried with trying to catch up with the developed countries and thus damage their own lifestyle and culture. In short, the developed countries would need to invest in the third world country to help them get up to a standard living condition all around the world so that they can then contribute to our pool of knowledge.

    How can space technology help the third world countries ? Well thanks to satellites a country called Libya found a underground source of water. Why is this important ? Because before it used to be a box of sand, now it has water which means that life can continue to live there. This is only one example of what space technology can do. Satellites are very helpful to chart out areas in the world where humans cannot venture into.

    They also permit us to find new sources of energy or more importantly water. Thanks to their unique position they allow us to watch over Earth from a higher altitude. One of the most important roles it plays is the fact that we now have an incredibly excellent system of communication worldwide. We can now share information over great distances in faster time and with minimum loss of information. Internet is an example of this global communication at work. Although not all have access to Internet a large part of the world is connected to it.

    Thanks to it many around the world can have access to incredible amounts of information on any subject that exists. Thanks to this information route, third world countries can go a long way in developing their own countries. Other technologies in domains such as medicine have also helped save many lives around the globe. In conclusion, we are now in a age of information. Knowledge is the key element for our civilization to continue to expand. Thanks to knowledge we will be able to continue to develop new systems and new technologies that will only help to improve our lives.

    But for this to happen we as the developed countries must show the third world countries how they can develop their own systems of communication so that we can then incorporate it into a global system. The future no longer belongs to a certain country or civilization but to a global village. We must become one to face our future. This future idea of becoming one big family is not a new idea many men have had this vision, an example in Gene Roddenberry who created ” Star Trek ” the future Earth is portrayed as being paradise, where there is no poverty, no famine, no war, where everyone lives in harmony and work not for material reasons but to expand the knowledge of the human being.

    . . Now there is a future I would like to see.

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