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Society and Plastic Surgery Essay

The benefits and horrors

English 3 Honors

3rd period

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Veronica Rodriguez

In today’s society hearing about someone having plastic surgery done
is almost normal. Most people feel that by having plastic surgery they can
achieve the unrealistic goal of getting the perfect body. Women are
definitely not alone in this battle, the amount of plastic surgery
performed on men rose 13% from 2000 to 2002. Not shocking is the fact that
not only has the amount of plastic surgeries performed risen but the
average age has dropped drastically. As time goes on more and more people
are going under the knife looking for answers to their inner issues with an
outer change without realizing all the risks involved with surgery.

Hopefully, people will realize that plastic surgery is not the answer, that
there are other ways to improve your looks.

Plastic surgery is unquestionably costly. Face lifts range in prices
from $7,000 to $13,000, while breast augmentation on an average costs
around $6,000. Financing your surgery could put you in some serious debt.
Would making your face look a slight bit younger really be worth ruining
your credit because you couldn’t make payments on your credit card? For
example lets say you opted for breast augmentation and it cost you $6,000
and charged it onto a credit card with a 2.9% interest rate, after two
years your balance on your card would be $9,984! With $6,000 you could be
spending the money on a down payment for a car, a house, or even a
luxurious vacation.

Instead, the money would be going towards something
that would only make you happy with yourself for a while. Keep in mind that
3 out of every 7 patients said they have had more than one surgery after
their first one. This means you’re likely to be back under the knife,
financing another surgery.

Before a surgeon operates on a patient, they have to make sure their
patient has the “right motives”. Some people go in thinking that when they
come out of surgery they are going to be a completely different person.
This just is not something that happens.

No matter how you change your
looks, you’re still going to be the same person on the inside. If you
weren’t a people person before surgery, chances are your still going to be
the same after. Surgery is not the answer to your problems if your having
self-esteem tribulations. Even after surgery these feelings are still going
to be there. The only difference now is you look different, and you have
wasted thousands of dollars on something that’s not even permanent.

Having surgery done in general still has it risks today.

surgery has many risks involved. The first of many risks, but usually the
most obvious is scarring. Not everyone reacts the same way, and some people
have been left with disfiguring scars on different parts of their bodies.
Imagine if you under went a facelift and something goes terribly wrong, and
your left with a huge scar all around your jaw line? That would be there
for the rest of your life. Liposuction also has its own set of
complications. With this procedure you could suffer from abnormal body
contour, infections, slow healing, swelling, nerve damage, and
discoloration of the skin.

There is also the possibility of death (1in
10,000). With breast augmentation you could suffer from deflation (7% of
women suffer this), asymmetry problems and excessive bleeding.

Plastic surgery is something society is turning into “not a big
deal”, when in reality every surgery is “a big deal”. There are other ways
to improve your self-concept. Plastic surgery is also very costly and in
some cases has been addictive. Besides the surgical risks there is also the
factor that in some instances there have been people posing as doctors and
they have severely disfigured their patients! Would you be willing to take
that risk not knowing what you’re going to look like when you wake up?
Personally, its not worth all the pain and problems you could suffer from.

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In the end plastic surgery is not something you should even consider
because change comes from within not from the outside.

This has been another beautifully written essay produced
By the one and only
Veronica Rodriguez
C/0 of 2005 .

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Society and Plastic Surgery Essay
The benefits and horrors English 3 Honors 3rd period Veronica Rodriguez In today's society hearing about someone having plastic surgery done is almost normal. Most people feel that by having plastic surgery they can achieve the unrealistic goal of getting the perfect body. Women are definitely not alone in thi
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Society and Plastic Surgery Essay
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