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    Sexism in Music Videos Essay (886 words)

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    The music videos that are on television today and on the internet show an image that is far from reality. Women are shown as very weak and unable to fend for themselves, especially against a man’s advances. This is not a good message to send out, especially if younger children are seeing these videos. Women and girls have so many good qualities and abilities and it is a shame that through these music videos they are shown to be weak and vulnerable. The women in the music videos are always being cheated on or abused in some way. If a woman is not going through these ordeals she is seen as a sex object.

    The women are sexually objectified, and to represent women as strictly sexual objects is wrong for so many reasons. The woman should embrace her sexuality and who she is as a woman, but not in a manner to be put on display and flaunted for the lusty eyes of men. A woman should be able to choose whom she is desirous for and whom she wants to pursue. Women should not feel as though they have to be sexual in order to be heard. The current music videos however encourage girls and women to flaunt only the sexual sides of themselves. These videos do not show women as being empowered, or intelligent, or of good character.

    They are often the victims of men’s’ abuse and ridicule within these videos. This then tells a generation of females that they have no worth unless they are submissive and offer themselves as a means of sexual gratification to others. You never see the women in these videos taking charge over the men, they never stand up to the men and they always, no matter what abuse may be shown in these videos, always take the man back. Women in today’s music videos are never seen as independent and self-assured and this helps to create a generation of scare and unable women.

    They are unable to say no, they are unable to take a stand, they are unable to see themselves as more than just sexual objects. The men in today’s music videos are seen as dominant and aggressive. More often than not the men are seen as the champions in the videos. They are shown as the dominant as the dominant aggressors. The men are the ones portrayed as violent and ruthless and in these videos that is seen as okay. The men are seen as violent also against women at times and the conquerors of sexual conquests. In many of the videos men are seen with their shirts off and with bulging muscles.

    They are then seen seducing women and greedily lusting over them, and as always in the videos, the women fall for it. The men are never rejected and they always are seen as having their way with women in the videos. The man also, unlike the woman, is always seen as having the money. The men are always seen as the rich ones, with the money, the chains and jewelry, and the fancy cars. Women are never portrayed as having anything except for having the man. The videos seem to show that anything the women do have s because of the man and because of his, “awesomeness”.

    Men also are allowed to treat women in these videos as sex objects. The men the hunters of sexual conquests and the women are the conquered. The women in these videos have no say in this, and they are always seen as being wooed by the men and they of course submit. The women are seen as being proud of their certain parts because the man finds favor in it, she has no opinion. Parents need to be very careful in what their children watch. If a parent does not use discretion with television, music videos and the internet, then children will grow up believing some real bad things.

    They will grow to believe that man are allowed to be abusive and be sexually aggressive with women. They will believe that the girl or woman should always give in to the boy or man’s advances and that violence and aggression is okay There are many sources out there that help parents protect their children from harmful websites such as Net Nanny which blocks and controls the use of inappropriate websites. Parents should begin to encourage their children to read and play more instead of watching television. Playtime and reading fosters a child’s imagination and helps put their minds in an appropriate state of mind and of thinking.

    Every responsible parent needs to make sure their children are safe from the damaging effects of television, the media, and the internet. Today’s world has become corrupted in such a way, that we live in a generation where there is no more discretion, compassion, empathy, or goodwill toward each other. We need as a society, and as a culture to learn from the past errors we have made in dishing out such terrible messages to our youth, and hopefully there will come a day where children do not know of such evils and in turn will grow up to become better citizens who have love and compassion for one another.

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