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    School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

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    In both private and secondary schools, how a student dresses among his/her peers has been one of the factors that have coursed segregation. It is such judgment that triggers bullying and picking up on those college students who cannot afford a certain quality of clothing. And this is the reason why most education systems advocate for a collective dressing code. Identical institutional clothing was first introduced in England in the 16th century, and the topic has been discussed in length mostly in the United States public school system. The majorities concur with the fact that school uniforms bring the sense of unity among the student and reduce competition among them.

    On the other hand, some feel that banning school uniforms will hinder students from inhibiting creativeness and expressing their feelings. Many students don’t like the idea of having identical clothing as they feel like their rights are being violated. Others take the idea as a benefit to them because it relieves the pressure of deciding what they will wear to school.

    As part of the discussion on whether these clothings are the best option or not, you might be required by your tutor to use a persuasive speech on this topic. In either case, you can check out some school uniform essay sample, and in this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of school uniform.

    Evidently, you need to keep in mind that since it is a persuasive essay, in the introduction part, you need to provide the reader with an adequate outline of both the good and the bad of the issue at hand to help one make a conclusive decision.


    Judging someone based on their perception, and ideology is easy. But appearance also plays a significant role since the first judgment is based on physical appearance. This is the primary reason why student’s uniforms should be mandatory to make school a safer place, reduce stress and most importantly reduce bullying. Personal presentation is used to make insinuations of one’s economic background and status. Thus, it’s no secret that the people who are less fortunate lack nice outfit as compared to the wealthy. Even though clothing should not determine how people should be treated, it still happens to those students who don’t wear uniforms. Learners are not supposed to be treated differently just because their parent can’t afford fashionable wears.

    If the rule of the identical institutional outfit is implemented, students will concentrate more on learning and focus more on building social networks established on principles and values and not on societal status. Among the students, these clothes are the most effective way of eliminating economic and social differences. This is because society is extremely materialistic which is the primary basis of bullying is. Mandatory wear of school uniforms can eliminate this problem.

    In general, bullying is not just an unnecessary obstruction to learning, but also has the potential of making the lives of many students unbearable. Such kind of torment might not be fully eliminated, but it can be reduced by incorporating compulsory dressing codes.

    Besides reducing bullying in schools, another advantage of wearing compulsory uniforms is that their studies will be less affected. Pupils end up wasting too must time deciding on what to wear and stressing on how to get new trendy clothing for the next semester. Thus, even clothing should be mandatory to redeem time which can be used for more important requirements such as reading writing thesis or doing an assignment.


    School uniforms have its pros and cons. Some of its disadvantages are that many people believe that they teach pupils good behavior and have more respect for their learning environment and as a result improve discipline. Nevertheless, this concept isn’t completely accurate. Research done proved that uniforms do not have an impact on the discipline level of the students. For example, the study showed that over 4,500 students who put on similar clothing did not have any better attendance or fewer etiquettes issues. Banning school uniforms can make students become rebellious towards their teachers and parents.

    One more reason why putting on similar wear should be discouraged is that once the college students looks different and express their outlook differently; it encourages them to accommodate the people who differ from them and embrace every other lifestyle. This can be very important seeing that their surrounding could be inhibited by people for example from a different background, religion, cultures and so on. Thus, permitting them to dress according to what they will motivate them to accept and tolerate individuals from other religious, social and cultural groups.  Besides, forcing them to wear uniforms might result in diversity loss and lack of tolerance towards people and strangers who are different from the majority.


    Although not wearing identical wear helps students to embrace diversity, the importance of school uniforms outweighs the drawbacks. Even mode of dressing will benefit not only the students but also the parents and teachers. There will be fewer suspensions in school, many cases of suicide will be prevented, and the parents will be able to purchase learning materials for their children without worrying about school uniforms.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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