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    The Importance of Work Ethics in Today’s Global Society

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    Work ethics is the core component that most people ignore. Work ethics in the simplest possible terms can be explained as the set of principles and guidelines that help the people to behave well within the premises of the workplace. Work ethics have a number of advantages that depend on a number of factors. Any employee must do the best to maintain his or her relationship with the colleagues working in the same organization. This paper will focus on the high importance of work ethics in the present-day global society.

    First of all, work ethics ensure that the relationship between co-workers in the workplace remains good. The strong believers in ethics never deviate from the ethical principles and their actions make sure that their co-workers are protected by their actions and tongue. They also make sure that there remains no content to ignite the fire of discrimination because regardless of the culture, gender or ethnic background, every employee must be treated equally with respect. In contrast, if the employees are known for their unethical behaviors, most likely there would be strong hate against each other and integrity, respect and equality will be missing in the whole system. Additionally, the productivity will be minimal unlike the workplace governed in the light of ethical principles where ethics trigger a significant boost in productivity (Simon, 2017)

    Secondly, one of the most ignored ethics in the workplace setting is good appearance. A clean and tidy individual is much more productive than a person with scattered hairs, untidy dress, and unpolished shoes. This is one of the most critical factors because it not only elevates the professionalism of the worker but also makes him/her more productive and therefore, work ethics in this regard provide us the opportunity to become more productive (Banks, 2018).

    Thirdly, one cannot become a good team member if he/she lacks work ethics. Normally, the teams need to work on the inner conflicts and the followers of ethical principles can easily handle the situation. However, if one or more than one member of the team has nothing to do with the ethics, the whole environment of the team will be ruined and the irresolvable conflicts will emerge in no time. The team leaders must encourage work ethics within the team because they are directly linked with the team performance that eventually determines the overall organizational performance. Work ethics take time to evolve but the team members must proactively encourage the importance of work ethics because it will not only benefit the workforce but also the entire organization will benefit from it (Reamer, 2018).


    In a nutshell, work ethics play a vital role in today’s global society. Due to the advancement of technology the world has become a global village where people from all over the world work together with each other. If any organization has not implemented a work ethic policy, sooner or later it will face the consequences and the organizations that strongly focus on the importance of work ethics will eventually win over their competitors by simply becoming more productive because work ethics not only assure inner organizational harmony but they also determine success and prosperity with a number of business expansion opportunities.

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