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    The Romeo and Juliet play Essay

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    The Romeo and Juliet play is both a big tragedy and love play, a quote from the prologue to prove is both a tragedy and love play is ….”The fearful passage of their death mark’d love.”

    The three conventions of all tragedies including Romeo and Juliet is death ad suffering, fate is always involved and there is always hope at the end.

    The first convention I will be talking about death and suffering, act 3 scene 1 is a good example of death and suffering, for example a quote …”tybalt and mercutio fight, mercutio is killed…”

    …”romeo then draws and tybalt id killed…”

    In this play Romeo and Juliet a few characters die including the main lovers Romeo and Juliet.

    Secondly, fate always intervenes; Romeo and Juliet is a perfect match at the party on act 1 scene 5, when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time (love at first sight) and he can’t help love Juliet.

    As Romeo says in the play …”for I ne’er saw true beauty till this night…”

    Lastly is that tragedy always offers hope at the end of the play.

    From the huge tragedy death of Romeo and Juliet all hope went down for Juliet they both killed each other over there love and there families curse of friendship, on act 5 scene 3 the two families end this evil curse of the families Capulet and the Montague’s. As they said …”O, brothers give thy hand…”

    At the end of this entire romantic, tragedy and all wrapped up with two star cross lovers, I can clearly say this is obviously a love and tragedy love story.

    I think that act 1 scene 5 is obviously the most important and romantic scenes in the whole play. The importance of this scene leads to a huge tragedy and sadness at the end of the play. Firstly when Romeo gatecrashes the party and then suddenly Tybalt sets eyes on Romeo and swears revenge on him to set foot in the house of a Montague.

    As Tybalt swore in the play …”this intrusion shall now seeming, sweet, convert to bitterest gall.

    The revenge that tybalt takes all leads to a Capulet and Tybalt being killed, also Romeo’s banishment of to Verona.

    The party scene is the scene when potentially Juliet sees he arranged marriage partner called Paris. She also meets the love of the day, Romeo falls in love with Juliet, and Romeo and Juliet fall in love a very deep love to heavily that they decide to get married in secret without her parents finding out all, all will be ended, as well as taking sacrificing there lives which leads to a terrible disaster at the last scene.

    Act 1 scene 5 the events that took place, the importance of it all stimulates to all the sorrow yet then Romeo and Juliet were responsible for there actions and there suicide.

    Act 1 scene 5, Shakespeare contrasts two different themes, the two main themes are called Love and Hate throughout the whole scene. The reason why all this has happened because Shakespeare wants to keep the audience a life, keep them going throughout the play and to be satisfied with the play at the end so that’s why Shakespeare adds love and hate in the this particular scene, and also to make it more exiting and dramatic.

    The part of the scene which there is love is were Romeo kisses and falls straight in love for each other and a quote to prove this is ‘… sin from my lips…give me my sin again…” and ‘…you kiss by the book…’

    This part of the play is love and know I will talk about hate were it all changes in a dramatic way to keep us as an audience, interested in the play.

    A good example of hate in the scene of Shakespeare is when Tybalt is furious to see Romeo at the lord Capulet’s party.

    A brilliant quote said by tybalt him self is. ‘…tis he that, villain Romeo…” and also ‘…I will withdraw but this intrusion shall now be seeming sweet, covert to bitterest gall.

    Now in the scene it converts back to a love scene to make the play more dramatic, the act were they love each other is where Romeo sees Juliet for the first time in his life …’for swear it sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”.

    In the act of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has included on purpose the four references to key social conventions in his play to make it more applicable for his audience.

    The generations which Shakespeare was alive in the 1594-96 four hundred years ago, which the play was written and acted.

    In the period of the Elizabethans’ four hundred years ago they were very passionate about four conventions in there life which were, Marriage, Religion, Fate and finally Hospitality.

    Firstly I will talk about marriage in the time of the Elizabethans, which they took marriage really seriously. Fathers had the capability the power to arrange a marriage between two people which haven’t met yet in there lives. They also have great power to refuse marriages and the daughters of fathers it was totally unacceptable for a daughter to disobey there fathers. In fact if daughters were to refuse there fathers in an arrange marriage they would be disowned by there parents. This means that she wasn’t there daughter anymore.

    In Romeo and Juliet we see an organized marriage between Juliet and Paris. Which is lead by Lord Capulet, Juliet’s farther. But Juliet starts having an argument with her father because she loved and wanted to marry Romeo.

    This is very serious at the time of the Elizabethans, her father would be severely angry her parents would be disowned by her.

    The second convention of the Elizabethans believed in hospitality.

    Hospitality means that they thought that social status was very important. They would hold enormous, fantastic parties with loads of food, music and guests from all over the city or town. The parties were often fancy dress or masked balls were guest would hide there identity by wearing ”Visors”.

    They could get into parties they weren’t invited too.

    The party which was held in Romeo and Juliet in act 1 scene 5 was held by Lord Capulet, the party was held so that Juliet could be introduced to her new relationship partner which was meant to be Paris.

    It was believed that fate was a very enormous force at the time of the Elizabethans.

    Fate happened in the play by someone said to Romeo and Juliet, the quote is ‘…a pair of star crossed lovers”. Fate at the Elizabethans is when a man dies and puts a curse on you, in his dying seconds.

    It was considered a powerful and it was believed that you would suffer a consequence.

    In Romeo and Juliet we see a man Mercutio placing a curse on his last breath.

    As soon as he dies he says ”… a plague on both your houses.”

    Also in Romeo and Juliet the other huge power is religion.

    The Elizabethan population was very religious (Christians). Therefore they would know the bible well, so references would be very clear to them from the play.

    In act 1 scene 5 we see a lot of religious moments, when the first time Romeo and Juliet meet. Also in the play religious words are used for example, Pilgrims, saint Pray and Prayers. The reason why Shakespeare has added so many religious moments because that leads to them dying at the end of the play.

    The title of the film is Romeo & Juliet. The word Romeo means pilgrim to Rome, which is an important religious name which shows his importance.

    This paragraph is all about Romeo’s soliloquy. Soliloquy meant that a person is talking to them self and the audience too.

    In this part of the play Act 1 scene 5 Romeo talks to him self about Juliet and her beauty. An example is when Romeo says …” for I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”.

    The reason why Romeo has to describe Juliet so much and talk to him self is that in the generation of that Shakespeare was living men used to play women parts and women plated men characters that’s why Romeo in the modern version of the play Romeo has to describe Juliet in detail.

    …” like a rich jewel in an ethiops ear”.

    Which means that there’s something bright and stands out of dark background.

    She’s unique and beautiful.

    Romeo used three images to describe Juliet’s beauty firstly he said a metaphor …” o, she doth teach the torches to burn bright.”

    This means that Juliet is much brighter than fire, she teaches touches to burn.

    Secondly he said …” so snowy dove trooping with crows.”

    This also means that she stands out of the crowd she stands out from everyone else. Doves are also a symbol of peace. Juliet is a dove and the Capulet’s are the crows. She’s white and pure.

    That sums up Romeos soliloquy; this is why he has to say all these wonderful line about Juliet to him self.

    In the play of Romeo and Juliet, act 1 scene 5 we see the character called Tybalt.

    In this paragraph I will be talking about his language.

    Firstly I will discuss his language of sibilance. Tybalt uses a few sibilance’s

    Such as …” come in spite to scorn at our seeming this night”, and …” now seeming sweet.”

    This shows us that Tybalts snake like and very sly and very lethal person. Also he says in his speech a few alliterations; a fine sample from the speech of Tybalt is …”patience performs”. And also …” I will withdraw”. All these alliterations indicate that Tybalt is a vexed, mean person and very self-important.

    Tybalt also shows his anger by using a lot of hard words starting with D, T, and K. examples of them from the play are ”Dead”, ”Dares”, ”Tremble”, ”kin”, ”Strike”, and ”Bitter”.

    These hard words also show his temper at this particular scene.

    Finally Tybalt uses loads of insulting words to Romeo, as he sets eyes on him at the party. He uses words like, ”villain”, ”Foe” (which means enemy), and a ”Slave”.

    This suggests that he is a bully. Tybalt is trying to show that he’s much better than Romeo, Tybalt has more importance. He also wants too take revenge and hateful to himself.

    All this shows Tybalts language towards the play.

    Tybalt has one very high tempered character through out the whole play.

    In act 1 scene 5, is when Romeo and Juliet first meet and it’s a sonnet, the unusual thing is that they are sharing a sonnet, there’s two characters when other why’s there’s only meant to be one.

    This shows hat they share each others words they also rhyme and finish each others sentences.

    Romeo: …”saints do not move though grant for prayers sake.”

    Juliet: …” Then move not, while my prayers effect I take

    The religious words used in there sonnet, we both used by Romeo and Juliet the exacted same religious words. This shows that they are made for each other.

    The words are as an example, Holy, Pilgrims, Saint, Faith, Sin, and Prayer.

    The fact that Romeo and Juliet share a sonnet suggests that they are mentally and spiritually bonded and born to love each other.

    In the play Romeo and Juliet, in a certain scene of the play of Act 1 Scene 5 is a dramatic and exiting play to watch.

    The reason is that Shakespeare has used love and hate in the scene when at one part they love each other and than suddenly it changes back to hate gain. Another reason is that he used a dramatic part which leads to some character being killed and hurt, like Tybalt and Mercutio were killed.

    The last reason is that Shakespeare has added the terms of Marriage, Religion, Fate and hospitality. Why did he add these things into his play?

    He added them because the time when he was around all these things were very important, but know time has moved on.

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