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    Romeo And Juliet Essay Paper (1233 words)

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    The two versions of the play make the scene stands out in different ways and both use different methods to gain awe and knowledge to the audience. Zeferelli’s version of the scene begins with lighthearted comments as Benvolio and Mercutio squabble over the heat, but as the play gets deeper through, the scene gets much more lively and energetic. I got the feeling of attention from this and Zeferelli reflected this by having long shots of the characters to get a feeling of public view. While reading through the play it gets intriguing as Mercutio’s up beat and non-respective manner towards Tybalt. This makes the audience feel compelled towards Mercutio because he entertains and that’s gives the feeling that he will do something to influence the story for better or worse.

    On line four where Mercutio relates his own feelings of anger using the weather, this is important because he is saying he is ‘hot’ with anger. (This is probably why he jumps into the fountain). This means that something small can release it and may cause a ruckus; ‘mad blood stirring’ indicates that the heat is boiling his blood and he can easily lose his temper because he is easily madden.

    Both men in this scene have a reputation for losing their temper very easily over trivial things that they say to each other.

    Their trivial quarrelling produces anxiety in the audience. Between lines 15-29 there are a sign of comical and serious trivial conversation. Such as ‘ Thou? Why, thou wilt quarrel with a man that hath a hair more or a hair less in his beard than thou hast,’ which applies that a more butch man (a man with a more hair is portrayed to be more Manley) with quarrel with a man with less hair (a man with less hair is portrayed as less of a man).

    During the insulting part of the fight scene Mercutio and Tybalt fire at each other insults to dishonour one another. Tybalt ‘thou art a villain’ is the first insult he says towards Romeo. Romeo backs down from this insult for he knows he cannot do any thing because secretly he knows that they are related. Romeo backs down to Tybalt words and this angers Mercutio for Romeo says that he will ‘tender Capulets as much as he tenders the name of Montague,’ because of the concealed marriage with Juliet. Mercutio’s actions to Romeo’s apparent betrayal; ‘dishonourable, vile submission.’ Mercutio gets to out rage by what is happening that he calls Tybalt a ‘rat-catch,’ in those days means a lower person and someone of less importance.

    Mercutio’s anger gets the better of him and he fights with Tybalt, Mercutio is a stubborn character and doesn’t back down easily. Mercutio makes no compromises for he and Tybalt both knows that a fierce battle will happen.

    Within the contents of the scene Romeo seems to be the calmest of all the characters and wants nothing but peace among everyone. But that all changes when the unexpected death of Mercutio enrages Romeo. Romeo feels responsible for the death of Mercutio for intervening in their duel because Mercutio could not see the blade which was heading for his torso. The unexpected death of Mercutio enrages Romeo and his mood changes to anger. Romeo is out for blood and chases the fleeing Tybalt and shouts to him ‘either thou or I, or both, must go with him.’ A fight emerges from which stuns the audience for Romeo has changed his personality tremendously and is willing to execute his own familiy. For he started as a man with no means of fighting, but because of the death of Mercutio he become a new character and is angered by their lose of a friend and a Montegue.

    In Zeferelli’s version there are fast cutting camera shots which focusing on each characters faces showing their emotions and tensions brought out by what is happening around them. Fast cutting camera shot are display throughout with gives a sense of action and make the scene more intense for the audience. In between there is a factor of different paces of speech which has long pauses between the characters lines which shows that the character is thinking and building tension. The music and sound effects are sharp and give the audience a sense of serious drama and the notes instead of tunes give an exciting feel. As the small amounts of tension grow amongst the scene the music is low but when is gets close to is climax the music raises and gets louder.

    Luhrmann’s version of the scene is not much different but is set in a modern time, which gives different visuals, which can affect the audience’s view of the scene. This is because the surroundings are completely different. Where Zeferelli’s version has town buildings and peasants whereas Luhrmann’s version has skyscrapers and businessmen, women etc.

    In this version light-hearted gestures are not brought out more to the audience unlike in Zeferelli’s version, because Luhrmann’s version seems more serious. The impact of fast cutting shots is not used very well and tells the audience visualise the characters aggression or even the tension between themselves giving the actor camera time and not so concentrating on the scene. Sound effects and music in the scene are more intense with loud harsh drumming in the background with can indicate that something important will happen. The music unlike in Zeferelli’s version is more serious and give a sense of serious ‘death match’.

    The weather and the surroundings in the scene seem to change in the contrast of the characters moods. There is an example, when Mercutio dies the clouds blacken and heavy rain starts to fall. This helps give a dramatic effect of the change from day to night. The music helps make the scene more edgey and brings excitement and

    suspense to the as it fades high and low.

    Just like Zeferelli’s version the crowd play a part in Luhrmann’s because during the scene you see a crowd member with a camcorder, recording what is going on. An effective technique that Luhrmann used was the use of pathetic fallacy. This reflects the mood of romeo during and after Mercutio dies. Drama is added when Mercutio curses Tybalt and Romeo; ” a plague a’both your houses.” Those dramatic word compliment the current surroundings of rain and thunder.

    Act 4 scene 3, Juliet is feeling very distressed going through her ordeal, for the friar has given her the potion to drink to fake her death. She feels very alone and considers on calling the nurse; ” I’ll call them back again to comfort me.” But she then realises that she has to drink the potion by herself, ” my dismal scene I must act alone.” At this point the audience is feeling increasingly sorry for her as it is clear how distressed she is.

    Coming to the end of the scene she sees Tybalt dead. She is sad for herself and for the two families because she knows that if the rivalry had cessed then Tybalt ( and Mercutio) would be still alive and her love for Romeo can be told. Her seriousness and devotion come out on line 58 where she is about to drink. ” Here’s drink- I drink to thee.” This proves to the audience that she is willing to do anything for her happiness for Romeo.

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