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    Response to The Graduate Essay (617 words)

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    The Graduate is a good movie but not funny. It makes me think about my future. Suddenly, I have no idea about my life after graduation. This film tells something that graduate students may suffer. I do not know the answer to the future after I graduate, but I know the difficulties I have to face, and principles I have to insist. The Graduate tells the story of Ben. He does not like the environment of the parties that are held by his family members and their social circles. One of ladies of Ben’s parents’ friends, Mrs. Robinson, tries to seduce Ben. Ben has no idea about accepting or refusing the request of Mrs.

    Robinson. Then, Ben falls in love with Mrs. Robinson’s daughter. He is blackmailed into telling her about his affair with her mother, and in revulsion, the girl departs to Berkeley. Ben pursues her, and get her with his perseverance finally. The shot of Ben in a new scuba outfit walking into the family pool in front of his family members and friends of his parents is the best shot of the film. From Ben’s parents and other people’s view, the heavy outfit is a symbol just as education background of Ben. For this part, the director gives a long-shot of Ben. He stands in the deepest place in the house.

    People clap and commend to Ben. From Ben’s view, he can see but cannot hear anything clearly except for his heavy breathing. This shows people in the film that just see the bright future of Ben, but no one tries to care about the thought in Ben’s heart. These beautiful things to Ben are like heavy shackles which tie Ben. When Ben walks into the swimming pool, the world disappears and just leaves silence and blue. He enjoys standing at the bottom of the pool quietly and alone. However, he still has to leave his own world, and faces to good things and difficulties.

    I really love the shot. The shots of relationships between Ben and Mrs. Robinson are abundant but not lengthy. The director uses montage to connect different scenes. For example, Ben jumps into the swimming pool, actually, he jumps on the bed. And when Ben closes the door of the bathroom, the bathroom becomes a dinner where Ben’s parents are eating. The changes of scenes express the psychological changes of Ben, his confusion, hesitation, enjoyment, and guilt. About the behavior of Mrs. Robinson, it is hard to judge. She suffered during her youth, and she is confused now.

    At the end of the movie, Ben escapes from the church with Elaine successfully. At first, they laugh at the bus, then, smile to each other. Nevertheless, they claim in a short time, and become serious and a little flustered. Although, they think they get their happiness at this time, actually, the happiness is temporary and weak. Do they think about their future? Do they consider their relationship seriously? If the film has a follow-up sequel, Ben and Elaine might break up. Because they do not have enough common experiences to support their relationship which should keep for decades years.

    Also, they may suffer together, and build a really strong relationship, not just by excitement. In conclusion, it is a really good movie. The director of photography must be an amazing man. The writer of the film also builds an interesting but real story. The movie reflects real problems that the graduates have to face. The movie does not give solutions of the problems. Something is hard to get, unless people experience themselves. Otherwise, solutions, principles, and educational life experiences are just words in textbooks.

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