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The “Divide and Conquer” Strategy in Colonialism


Las Vegas

Words: 285 (2 pages)

AmistadThroughout the study of world history, the ideology of “divide and conquer” is studied and glorified as the most effective strategy for colonialism. The institution of slavery and the transporting of Africans across the ocean to serve as slaves in the “New World” depict the most blatant use of coerced division in the Europeans efforts…

The Amistad Revolt: A Historical Slave Rebellion


Words: 2357 (10 pages)

LAmistadThe Amistad, ironically a ship that means friendship, was the setting of one of the most historical slave revolts led by black Africans in 1839. This revolt gained considerable attention from the American population, the media and well as other international interests. It was the black insurrection on board the Amistad that ignited the underlying…

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