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    Reflection Essay – The Meaning of My Life

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    At the age of twenty one, I made one of the most difficult, important and critical decisions of my life. I felt that it was time for me for start to live new experiences and to live by my own, so I decided to leave my house despite of the negatives response that I received from my family. Anyway, I left home and I set my destination far away of my family and my country. At a short age I took the responsibility of taking care of myself and ensure my future.

    Although I was very difficult, I was able to overcome the situation. This experience showed me that the most important in life is to make your own right decisions in order to be happy. I truly believe that the most meaningful thing that I did in my life was to move by myself and take my own responsibilities, because of many reasons; I reached maturity, I was capable to survive by myself, and I learned that I was able to do anything that I can imagine. I was so young when I decided to leave my home and family.

    At the age of twenty one I was facing many hard times trying to get out from the adolescence, plus trying to survive by myself and be ready to live in the real world with real challenges. Youngers at this state are capable to make important decision like what to do with their future or what is the best for them, but I have to recognize that in my case I didn’t have many options to choose. The most important thing in my life at that stage of my life was to have a place to live and to have something to eat.

    One day to another I was facing a really hard time, like many immigrants trying to survive in a foreign country. But this situation gave me many lessons on my life, and made the person that I am in the present. I totally believe that one of the most meaningful things in life is to feel independent and able to overcome any kind of problem by yourself. When I just arrived to this country, I was unable to speak any word in English. At first, almost everything was very difficult.

    Simple things like communicating working and studying looked impossible to me. For example, to ask for an application form to apply for work was a challenge for me because I didn’t know how to speak English. Then, life started to change for better. I found a job that provided me with enough money for my rent and food, and I enrolled in adult school to improve my communication skills. Presently, I work in a scientific company named Thermo Fisher Scientific where we make rotors that separate all kinds of cells.

    I work in the inventory department. Thanks to this experience I learned that was so capable to survive by myself, and gave more strength to follow my dreams. All these experiences in my life gave me a lot of confidence, and made me belief in myself. In the present I am sure that I am able to do anything that I can imagine. After living many difficult things in life, not only everyday complications, there were most tough problems in this journey. My father, my two grandfathers and my beloved grandmother died in the last five years.

    It was a hard time, but I understood that was a part of the life. In the present I am focus in finish my studies in US and have my own family here. Thanks God, I found a loving boyfriend. He is from Israel and we have many things in common and many plans together. I pretty sure that any person have the power to overcome any problem if they know what they want in life. I believe that the most meaningful thing in my life is to be confident about myself. That I am capable to do anything that I can dream. That every goal takes an effort to be achieved successfully.

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