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    Reality factor of the story Essay

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    After the 24th chapter Ian McEwan added two appendices. Imitating the style and structure of a scientific paper the first appendix explains the science behind Parry’s condition. This “hoax” scientific paper was accepted by a number of critics including an eminent psychiatrist. This commentary is supposed to show the reasons for the acceptance of this paper. Furthermore I am going to explain why the author had to add to add this appendix after his farytale ending in chapter 24.

    In order to imitate the style of a scientific paper Ian McEwan uses a highly scientific language. Therefore his he uses a lot of technical terms like “nosological entity” and “associated pathologies of love”. He totally changes his use of language into a scientific way. He avoids originality and personality which leads to a highly objective voice. He totally eradicates names out of his paper. Jed Parry’s name is changed into “P” like Joe’s name is changed into “R”. Furthermore his paper rarely includes speculations which is specific for a scientific paper. In addition to that he supports every statement with at least one reference. Every single rhetorical objective is used in order to imitate the scientific style of papers like this. His choice of the rhetorical objectives in this manner is quite wise because all of them are typical for the scientific use of language.

    In addition to his scientific use of language the author exclusively deals with the science behind Jed Parry’s condition. Only the necessary points of the plot are included in his paper but he includes important details which were not included in the story. His paper starts with an explanation about the Cleraumbault’s syndrome. He continues like a scientist with describing the origin of the disease and it’s name (“…form of de Perambulator’s syndrome is described in a man whose religious are central to his delusions.”). Describing a the woman who felt in love with King George V he gives an example for the syndrome.

    In addition to that he follows the scientific way of finding an answer or conclusion. After a clear description of the case he comes via a discussion to a conclusion which is based on evidence which was found during the discussion. Furthermore his conclusion is structured like a medical diagnosis. Therefore he names Parry’s disease and it’s symptoms and explains that he has to go into the psychopathology. Ian McEwan eradicates everything which is not part of his scientific interest. This creates a style which is boring to most of the people and common for scientific papers.

    Furthermore Ian McEwan imitates the structure of a scientific paper by arguing in the scientific way from the general to the specific. Starting with a general explanation about the syndrome Ian McEwan “zooms” in until he finishes his paper with a specific description of Jed Parry’s disease. His reasoning happens in a scientific way. Every step forward to his conclusion has reasons and “evidence” (In case there are real evidences in psychology). In addition to that the order of Introduction, Case History, Discussion, Conclusion and References is a common structure for scientific papers. Ian McEwan followed the common structure of a scientific paper in order to achieve a good imitation of the style of “real” papers like that.

    By using a scientific language, a scientific structure and by dealing only with scientific content Ian McEwan achieves his goal of imitating a scientific way of writing quite good. It is understandable that a lot people accepted this paper as non-fictional. Especially the pseudo-scientific structure and his objective voice pushed me to the same opinion like everybody else. At the first sight Appendix one might appear quite useless after the farytale ending in chapter 24. But of course there are a lot of good reasons and important functions for this appendix. With appendix one the author shows that the story of Jed Parry, Joe and Clarissa is not finished with the farytale ending in chapter 24. This increases reality factor of the story.

    But the main function of appendix one is to sum up the whole thesis which Ian McEwan tries to convey with his novel. This highlights and makes his thesis understandable to everybody. Furthermore the report explains in scientific language that love and madness are quite close together. Furthermore it describes that it is the same feeling which can lead to a marriage as good as into the psychopathology. In addition to that it tries to draw the line between the both. Finally this satisfying conclusion allows the reader to create a better opinion about Jed Parry, which was impossible when his victim was narrating. There are quite a lot of functions for this appendix. Especially for the thesis which is emphasized by appendix one this scientific report is quite important.

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