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    Pros and Cons of Youth Sports Assignment

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    Benefits of Youth Sports Assignment

    • Self-Regulation
    • Organization
    • Time management
    • The ability to take criticism
    • Work as a team
    • Self-esteem and efficacy
    • Acquisition of a work ethic
    • Builds friendships
    • Active
    • Builds sportsmanship
    • Improve health and fitness
    • Develop new skills
    • Teaches Leadership Skills
    • Better Communicators
    • Teaches Respect
    • Character building
    • Improvement in athletes’ skills and performance
    • Improving coordination
    • Strained relationships with over invested parents
    • Unhealthy performance pressure
    • Inappropriate feelings of superiority
    • Coaches who demoralize and bully
    • Delusions that sport will provide college scholarships
    • Failure
    • Elimination of children at early ages
    • Child exploitation
    • Youth sports dropouts
    • Endangering young athlete’s health
    • Violence in youth sports
    • High cost
    • Minimal free time
    • Overuse injuries
    • Less downtime and time for scholastics
    • Taking the fun out of sports
    • Learning to understand you wont win all the time

    Coming from a family who schedules their lives around sporting events, I believe youth sports are beneficial for any child. I do have to agree that youth sports can become tough for any child or parents as well, but they can overcome those challenges and help their child succeed.

    Out of control parents who are on the sideline yelling at everyone and making a fool of themselves, people pressuring you to win every game, the times you have no free time because you are so busy with sporting events and the time you had to stay up an extra hour to do homework because practice went to long will all be worth it in the end when all you can do is thinking about your sport. Starting a sport at a young age can benefit you in multiple ways.

    Physical activity is the most obvious gain in sports participation. Children regularly spend an excessive amount of time sitting in front of the television or attached to their video games. However, sports activities like practices and games offer an opportunity for exercise that can assist keeping young kids in shape and healthy. Sports participation can assist kids to increase their social abilities so one can benefit them at some point in their entire lives.

    They learn how to have interactions not with just other kids their age but also with older people of their coaches and sports activities officials. Kids learn to be leaders, learn how to team-build, and communicate better to help gain them success in school, their future career, and personal relationships. There is no doubt that children who are active in sports also excel in the classroom as well. They show the same dedication and hard work learned through sports and apply them to their studies.

    We come to the question, “Is youth sports too competitive?” and I feel like this question will be answered differently every time you ask someone new. Despite the debate on youth sports being too competitive or not, competitive youth sporting activities are going nowhere anytime soon. They definitely have their benefits and benefits that aren’t so good but only you may determine if a greater competitive method is excellent for your children and your league.

    It’s smart to have an open mind for both sides. There’s no doubt that aggressive competitive sports have higher costs, more pressure, and an increase in injury. But it can be an excellent match for skilled athletes who want extra challenges. Your ultimate goal for the kids is to see enjoyment, a healthy lifestyle, and growth for your children.

    That might consist of multiple activities, but the only right solution is the one that works for your children and your lifestyle. Some ways we can emphasize on the positive side of things about youth sport and limit the negative things about it are to have patience for the process. This will be a long journey that parents and their kids will be on as long as they are playing sports. We need to trust the process and see where it leads you to be. There will be multiple highs and there will also be many lows but being positive about the process of youth sports will help your child to be successful.

    Having high expectations for the right things is another positive outlook. Instead of having your expectations being high the moment your child steps into the world of sporting events, we should start being thankful for the hard work that goes unseen. The coaches who put time and effort into organizing and being great role models and wanting to give these kids the encouragement and success they deserve for participating in youth sports. Youth sport is good for any child, you just have to trust the process that follows being an athlete.

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