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    Professional Development Plan (2788 words)

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    Inside every team whether it is business or athletic, you can develop a team. A team to establish goals for a common outcome. How to get a team together, or how to get a team to buy into your methods of teaching or coaching? Buy is the key word. I believe that in teaching, coaching, you must get your students, players and employees to buy into(believe) in what you are selling.

    Whether it is the objective for the week in Physical Education or the new Concussion standard course all coaches, everyone wants to know the why. Selling your followers, because that is what the people you are leading are doing, is believing, trusting that you are leading them into a goal or a direction for the outcome they desire.

    “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” (Tony Robbins Page. Retrieved January 18, 2019, from Wikipedia) Setting standards, values, visions and missions with not only your staff but with your athletes will establish a strong foundation for the program to grow. My professional development plan will be designed from an Athletic Director/Operation Director’s perspective on the high school level.

    Vision Statement

    Why have a Vision? Having a vision helps to allow you as well as your staff to be future focused. A vision will incorporate the history and culture of the program. A vision will reflect our core values and set standards of excellence. Establishing and clarifying purpose and direction will inspire enthusiasm and commitment for all programs with a clear vision.

    The vision for our Athletic programs will strive to educate every student-athlete for success by providing exceptional extra-curricular experiences. “Life. It gives you a Vision. But you can’t Acquire it if you are afraid to keep Score” (

    We will support our students in their growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and academically to make them champions of life. Athletes will conduct themselves as winners to excel in sport and in their own future. Our student-athletes will receive instruction that will formulate moral values, accomplishments, and social behaviors that will help to establish discipline and confidence.

    Consistency is well represented through academics and extra-curricular at our school. Being consistent through many achievements is a goal for our Athletic Department. Empowering athletes to utilize extra-curricular sports as a building block for their individual futures will be the goal of every program.

    A distinct focus on positive relationships and good will to promote a program to pass down for generations for our high school is what we aim to achieve. Student-athletes will set the standard through core values established by the Athletic Department to be handed down by each coach to each sport to be a leader in the classroom as well as on any playing field. Reaching out for our athletes to help influence our feeder schools and community to help meet and exceed their established goals.

    3-Year Personal Development Plan

    Becoming an Athletic Director, directly ties your success to the successes of your people. To be an outstanding leader for my athletic department, I will have to bring out the best in others through development and training. “One of the toughest parts of being a leader is that you’re always on stage. People are always watching you, talking about you, and always testing your credibility. That is why setting the right example is so important, and why it’s essential to make use of all the tools you have available to do it” (Kouzes, p. 91). Through experience and personal training, I will strive to allow my coaches and programs to grow as I grow to achieve success.

    In growing my athletic department, I will start my own learning by shadowing three other athletic directors across our county. We have three major school systems within our county that not only has athletic directors but also have operations personnel within their district. After shadowing, utilizing their experience, I hope to gather enough knowledge by their modeling to help educate me further in my endeavor as an athletic director.

    I plan to keep on pursuing my degree in the MCAA program at Concordia. I have found at times a struggle to manage work, family, and school, but I have found that the knowledge and leadership that I have experienced within the program at Concordia has made me more aware of how to conduct myself and what I want to accomplish in the future. I never had more of a vision for myself other than becoming an Athletic Director.

    Last summer, that vision came true. After many years of coaching and trying to establish myself as a leader at my school I was given the opportunity. After afforded that opportunity and starting with my fourth class in MCAA, the development and promotion encouraged me to reach for more. I want to be an Operational Director on the college level. I absolutely love the inside of the coaching aspect.

    The behind the scene activities to make a program run smooth. I have been our school’s Basketball Operation Director for about 10 years now. Until taking the classes in the MCAA program, I was unaware that this was a job on the college level.

    Through seminars, podcasts and books I plan on working on building better relationships with my coaches and athletes. In the past, I am a book read by the cover. You can tell my emotion on any topic by my facial expression. Working on myself and emotions on how to act instead of reacting will be a goal in my 3-year plan.

    To lead, you must set the standard and model the way. Attending and watching seminars as well as podcasts will allow me to gain more confidence within my leadership role and engage more with colleagues to build that foundation of a better relationship for our program.

    I plan on attending the Athletic Director conference held with AHSAA (Alabama High School Athletic Association). This will allow me to refresh and update my knowledge of rules and standards set forth by the governing body of high school athletics.

    I would also like to go to the NFHS Athletic Director conference where all Athletic Directors from across the country meet to learn and grown their programs. Eventually, I would like to attend the college level Athletic Director conference to see what standard they present that I can bring back to further our programs at our school.

    Through all of these avenues, hopefully the knowledge that I will receive by attending, watching and listening to speakers, courses or reading I will achieve my goal of eventually operating on the college level.

    One Year Staff Development Plan

    It is important as an Athletic Director that you establish a development plan for your coaches, whether it is the head coach, assistant or volunteer. In establishing a plan for your staff, you must set core relationships with your staff and how they conduct themselves with their staff and their student athletes.

    Within my staff development plan, I created a mission statement to help compile what is expected from our athletic programs at our school. It reads as follows: Lee High School Athletics programs are devoted to developing character and equipping student athletes to excel both in their sport and in their future. We are committed to the growth and guidance of our students physically, mentally, emotionally, and academically.

    We seek to provide a foundation to build self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork that will follow them through life. Inside the mission statement the foundation of what is expected for all of our coaches and student athletes is provided.

    There is a difference between sponsoring a program and coaching a program. All coaches are asked to build those personal and professional relationships with their coaching staff, athletes, parents as well as the faculty within our school. As our coaches wear their coaching gear, or sweats or anything with our school name or insignia represented, have to know that they are representing our school whether on the field of play or off.

    One of the steps of coaching and not sponsoring is building a rapport. Developing a rapport will help create unity across the board for the program that they will be coaching. Having good public relations to establish the much-needed rapport will become a value whether winning or losing, or success with the program. Image is important as a coach, and a good rapport in priceless.

    Another step of coaching and not sponsoring is cooperation. All individuals associated with the program must cooperate for a common purpose, the student athlete. Coaches must work with facilities, Athletic Director, Principal, and other members of the school staff to plan activities. Hefty demands for facilities and limited budgets make cooperation a magic work. Flexibility must be had for cooperation to work with all programs.

    Another step of coaching and not sponsoring is leadership. A coach must have a professional pride within themselves as well as diligence, enthusiasm, and enjoyment. Personal appearance, physical condition, and dress should model a leader.

    Another and last vital step of coaching and not sponsoring is improvement. Improving self to take advantage of opportunities presented. Workshops, rules clinics, and in-service trainings will help a coach’s commitment to grow with their program. Utilizing videos and publications are a way to abreast of the latest trends and techniques to better themselves as coaches as well as how to coach their athletes.

    “No written word, no spoken plea, can teach our youth what they should be, not all the books on the shelves, it’s what the teachers/coaches are themselves” (www.braineyquotes/Wooden). A code of conduct is established and must be signed by all coaches of their responsibilities as well as expectations. The following code of conduct lists some specifics for each coach within our school.

    Coach Code of Conduct

    To coach a sport at Lee High School is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. Coaches play a critical role in the personal as well as the athletic development of their athletes. Coaches are the channels in which the values and goals of a sport are recognized.

    Coaches Have the Responsibility to:

    • Maintain a role as a professional and remain that way in proper perspective.
    • Maintain open and honest communication.
    • Develop and demonstrate a good knowledge base and commit best practices at all times.
    • Communicate and develop specific goals for the team as well as individual goals for the players.
    • Will follow all AHSAA and NFHS rules as placed out in the sports book.
    • Promote and enforce the student athlete code of conduct.
    • Refrain from public criticism of other coaches or players.
    • Remain professional when speaking to the media.
    • Refrain from the use of tobacco products while in the presence of athletes and discourage use by them.
    • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages when working with athletes and discourage use by them.
    • Never condone the use of drugs or performance enhancing substances.
    • Refrain from the use of profanity or insulting or demeaning language with athletes.
    • Ensure the safety of all athletes at all times under your supervision.
    • Model good sportsmanship at all times.
    • Must maintain coaching certifications, i.e…First Aid and CPR.

    I have read the above Code of Conduct and agree to abide to the responsibilities and expectations to be a coach at Lee High School. By signing below, I am acknowledging my agreement to the terms presented.

    One-year Student-Athlete Development Plan

    The young people today are not he same as the young people five years ago, ten years ago and not fifteen years ago. Change is a must in coaching and learning from the change and embracing the change will help develop your athletes as well as yourself as a coach. Real life is longer that extra-curricular sport life. Building character that you can utilize after sport is my goal for my coaches to teach their athletes.

    Providing standards and values to the athletes will allow them to develop in and out of the academic venue. Establishing those values and goals upfront will allow student-athletes to know expectations for themselves individually as well as the team. The core values for the student-athletes will be as follows:

    • Work Hard and Work Smart

    Inspiring and demanding each athlete to work well with others and develop self-discipline. Work hard for themselves as well as for the team. Create individualized goals and team goals to achieve and exceed within the program. Win or lose, working hard can make the difference.

    • Respect

    Demanding respect for each individual athlete is a must. A respect for themselves first and foremost is the building block for any player. Respect for the coaches and administration will continue to guide the player to desired outcomes. Respect for property and facilities to encompass responsibility and pride within their program.

    • 100% Effort

    Effort goes a long way. Put forth 100% in everything you do. Effort is expected in athletics as well as in the classroom. Showing effort not only within the school but in the community as well. Showing effort throughout every aspect of a player’s life will help influence a lifelong attribute that they can carry into adulthood. Be the best you can be.

    • All Eyes Are On You

    You are representing Lee High School always. You are always required to represent your school as well as our community. We have a slogan at Lee High School, FamiLee. We incorporate that into our athletics as well as in the classroom. These were adapted from Pat Summit’s “The Definite Dozen”, which was very relatable to the program that I would like to establish.

    With these core values and character requirements, the programs at Lee High School will be represented in and out of the classroom. Each student athlete will keep a weekly work journal to initialize good study habits and organization for every class. Each Thursday, during 4th block, tutoring will be available from core teachers for student athletes that need extra help. A representative from the guidance department will also be available during our Thursday, 4th block sessions, if any student athlete feels the need to talk about personal issues with other than their coach.

    The following Athlete’s Creed (Code of Conduct) for Lee High School student athletes will read as follows:

    Athletes Name:

    As a student-athlete you are expected to be committed to your educational progress, school, and athletic team by:

    • exhibiting pride in your school and team
    • behaving with integrity
    • accepting responsibility as a role model to others
    • play your sport with dignity and grace (Set the expectation)
    • maintain a successful academic record

    If you choose to accept this responsibility, you and your parent/guardian my sign this contract. In doing so, you agree to abide by the consequences set forth below:

    Every member of the Lee High School Athletic Program has a duty to represent himself/herself, the team and the school in the best manner possible. This applies to your behavior both in and out of school. You are expected to avoid situations where you may be accused of wrong-doing. Being in the “wrong place at the wrong time” is not an excuse if you chose to be there in the first place.

    In school suspension or Suspension may result in loss of playing time or possible dismissal from the athletic program. The following violations may also result in suspension or dismissal from the athletic program:

    • Use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
    • Skipping class or school and/or habitual tardiness
    • Poor Sportsmanship
    • Harassment (verbal/physical/sexual/etc) of another student or team member
    • Electronic communication (Social media) should be positive and should never negatively reflect other teammates, classmates or coaching staff

    By signing below, you affirm that you have read this Student Athlete Creed and fully understand the rules set forth by this Contract. You are also stating that you understand the expectations of the Lee High School Athletic Program.

    Transformative Leadership

    Transformative leadership defined is a leader who works with their team, whether it is athletes, coaches, or coworkers to identify change. A leader who creates a vision to guide change through inspiration, motivation and improvement. This type of leadership can get people to raise each other to high levels to meet and exceed goals and expectations.

    Transformative leaders empower their team to transform to bring out the best of themselves to help to develop them to eventually become leaders. Transformative leaders are not born overnight and take time and dedication to become. The outcome makes the time invested worth it because you will not only influence but encourage a life long passion for the team for the sport that you will be leading tomorrow’s leaders.

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