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    Problem Areas in Life Essay (1682 words)

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    : In this day and age it’s pretty amazing to be achild that has parents that are still married. It truly is amazing how twopeople so different from one another can make a marriage. Many people entermarriage with the belief that if you love each other, than that is enough to getbye. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-* Copyright DueNow.

    com Inc. *Category:PhilosophyPaper Title:Problem Areas in LifeText:17 Problem Areas in LifeFAMILYIn this day and age it’s pretty amazing to be a child that has parents thatare still married. It truly is amazing how two people so different from oneanother can make a marriage. Many people enter marriage with the belief that ifyou love each other, than that is enough to get bye.

    When I look at my parents I realize that they were raised in two totallydifferent environments, with different life styles, and different ways ofthinking. Yet, I can’t help noticing that their family foundations are the same. Both of them have made a commitment to each other, a commitment to communicatewith one another, and a commitment to always love one another even when theydon’t always like one another. They must be doing something right, theirmarriage is in it’s 36th year!WORKCommunication in the work place and the ability to communicate effectively iscrucial to success. Even the simplest straightforward exchange of informationcan lead to distortion and miscommunication. The basis of a positive andsuccessful work place is the result of communication from manager’s topersonnel.

    Listening and feedback are essential to creating a harmonious workenvironment. It has been my personal experience that when communication in the workenvironment needs improvement – management always increases written notices toemployees instead of verbal communication. When a manger has to come in contactwith an employee often times what they say can be important and it is intendedto benefit the receiver. When a manager needs to address a situation they shouldtake a good look into what the real problem is and if the employee has a clearunderstanding of the instructions in the first place. MONEYMoney and credit seem to be the root of many marital problems.

    We have allbeen in the same predicament at least once in our lives, not enough money tocover the bills. The choices you make now will determine your credit later. Topay your bills now will leave you strapped for the time being. To pay your billslate will leave you with damaged credit.

    When first starting out, credit is very hard to establish. You need to findsomeone that will give you that initial loan, whether that may be a credit cardor an actual bank loan. After you have been given the opportunity to buildcredit, how you manage it is entirely up to you. Many families experiencetension of money and credit problems. Once again, I believe that commitment andplanning is the key to overcoming potential problems in this area. LEISUREFamily leisure is an important aspect of leisure and an important part oflife for many people in our society.

    Home-based activities and family-orientedactivities outside the home are the most common forms of leisure activity. Family forms and structures have undergone dramatic changes in recent years,and the traditional family, made up of a “bread-winner” husband, ahomemaker mother and children, represents only a very small minority of familiestoday. There are an increasing number of non-traditional families, includingsingle-parent families, gay and lesbian families, blended families and childlessfamilies. Moreover, recognition of the differential needs of different cultural,racial and ethnic groups means recognition that family structures may varyaccording to cultural background.

    One difficulty with family leisure is the problem of choosing activitiessuitable for all family members. Interpersonal constraints can include spousalconflict, the general socio-emotional tone of the marital relationship,difference between partners in terms of gender roles issues, and conflictbetween parents and children. The presence of these types of constraints maymake positive family leisure situations difficult to accomplish, and it ispossible that for some families joint activities may have destructive ratherthan constructive outcomes. There is no sure way of determining optimal level of involvement. Optimallevels will vary from family to family depending on the degree of similarity ofinterests and the desire to spend time together, as well as on other factors. Family structure and stage in the family life cycle may also play a role here.

    For example, although everyone probably needs some time alone to pursueindividual interests, women who have young children and who are full timehomemakers may have a particular need for time to themselves away from thedemands of children. SOCIALOne of the primary concerns of social problems are the related and epidemicproblems of drug abuse, crime, illiteracy and moral decay – problems whichweaken and, if not rectified, ultimately destroy the very foundation of afamily. Each family is built upon single individuals and when one lacksself-worth and sees no solution to their predicament, then they have a familythat is in serious trouble. There is several drug rehabilitation and drug education centers that arededicated to helping people build new drug-free lives for themselves. Theyenable a person to locate and overcome why he or she became drug or alcoholdependent in the first place. Series of life skill courses are offered that helpindividuals gain control of himself and his environment so he does not need thecrutch of drugs.

    However, when we have a family made aware and put on a path togreater survival for themselves and others, we have a family that can thrive. HEALTHMental health is just as an important part of a persons overall health asphysical health. Actually, it seems as though mental health is so easilyoverlooked, especially in children. The children of parents with a panicdisorder or major depression are at increased risk of developing the samedisorders that afflict their parents–even at a very young age.

    Many articlesthat I’ve read have suggested that such disorders can pass from parent to child. Parental panic disorder and major depression presented a significant risk fordysfunction and emotional distress in their offspring. Social phobia is alsomore common among children whose parents were treated for major depression andamong children whose parents were treated for both panic disorder and majordepression than among unaffected families. The typical response to a concern of a child’s attitude is that they aregoing through some sort of “stage in their life,” that they will”outgrow” their anxieties or troubles. The best answers to a troubledchild are try and determine the source of their problem.

    Listening andresponsiveness will go a long way in heading off life-long affliction. DEATHWhen considering death and the impacts it has on other peoples lives, many donot consider abortion. The unborn human is still a human life and not all thewishful thinking of those advocating repeal of abortion laws can alter this. Those of us who seek to protect the human who is still too small to cry aloudfor its own protection have been accused of having an antiquated approach tolife. Those who can allow emotion to over ride the true facts of science cannotdeny that from the time of conception and from that moment on – there are genesand cells that make up a human being, different from any other. There is nodoubt that abortion is on demand, it is the right to choose to not continue anunplanned pregnancy and would prevent unwanted children.

    This is the final anddesperate emotional plea of people anxious, at whatever price, to escape theresponsibility of their actions. There is nothing more pitiable or heartrendering then that of an unwanted fetus becoming an unwanted babe or anunwanted babe becoming an unwanted child, or an unwanted child becoming anembittered adult. Few would think it right to kill or have killed an unwantedbaby to prevent it from becoming an unwanted child. Then how can they think itright to kill an unwanted fetus, even more defenseless than a newborn babe justbecause it may grow into an unwanted child. QUALITY OF LIFEA term that is highly associated with quality of life is”euthanasia.

    ” The most common thesis in support of euthanasia iscalled “The Argument for Mercy. ” It simply states that euthanasia ismorally justified because it ends suffering. Terminally ill patients are peoplewho will never attain a personal existence, never experience life as a netvalue, and/or never achieve a minimal level of independence. The moral issueregarding euthanasia is not affected by whether more could have been done for apatient, but whether euthanasia is allowable if it is the only alternative totorment.

    Euthanasia does not refer to Nazi-like elimination of the sick, old, orunproductive. Traditionally, euthanasia means the search for a good death, aneasier death for one who is dying, a release through death from intractablesuffering. If a person prefers and even begs for death as an alternative tolinger on in torment, only to die, then surely it is not immoral to help thisperson die sooner. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is one of theoldest and most common moral proverbs, which applies to everyone alike. Whenpeople try to decide whether certain actions are morally correct, they must askwhether they would be willing for everyone to follow that rule, in similarcircumstances.

    Each of us is going to die someday; although, we do not know howor when and we have little choice in the matter. Suppose you were given thechoice to die quietly and painlessly or to live and suffer. A chance to survivea while longer with a disease so painful that you could only moan for those fewdays, weeks, or even months before death while family members stand helplesslyby. What would your ideal choice be? I know, I would choose the quick andpainless death not only for myself, but for my family.

    The principle ofself-determination promotes the ideas of self-governance, freedom of choice, andpersonal responsibility for individual decisions and behaviors.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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