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    Position of Macbeth During Act 5 Scene 5 Sample Essay

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    In ancient Grecian mythology. Pandora opens a out box out of wonder. When the box is opened. all the immoralities of the universe flight. but what remains is hope. The lesson behind this myth is no affair how evil or intolerable a state of affairs. there is ever supposed to be hope. However. in Shakespeare’s work Macbeth. there is no more hope. In 5:5 of Macbeth is portrayed as hopeless and emotionless through Shakespeare’s usage of enunciation and metaphors.

    Shakespeare usage of enunciation helps the reader ( or hearer ) experience the emotion of a certain character. In the first stanza Macbeth uses the words “…famine and ague eat them up. ” This is a powerful usage of words because ‘famine’ is a deficiency of nutrient. non something that chows. Besides. ‘ague’ contains the gross eww sound. Ague holds more grossness and negativeness than malaria or the word febrility. The word “farced” is used strongly because the sound of the word is really strong and unsmooth. Macbeth besides uses the word farced to associate to the dearth mention in the old line. In the 2nd stanza Macbeth uses enunciation to reenforce how emotionless he has become. The most powerful line in this stanza is. “To hear a night-shriek. and my fell of hair Would at a blue treatise rouse and splash As life were in’t. ” Powerful words are used to state. hair used to lodge up on the dorsum of my cervix. ‘Night-shriek’ amplifies a cry in the hearers mind. doing it sharp and loud. ‘Dismal treatise’ reinforces the ‘night-shriek’ and shows the desperation of a possible state of affairs. Lastly Shakespeare shows that Macbeth’s hair used to “rouse and stir” at these sounds. but no longer does. For person to no longer experience anything. non even a ‘stir’ of hair. shows the deficiency of emotion and hopelessness Macbeth possesses.

    The metaphors in 5:5 of Macbeth illustrate Macbeth’s loss of emotions. In the first stanza Macbeth places his strength on a pedestal by declaring “Our castle’s strength Will laugh a besieging to contemn. ” In this quotation mark Macbeth predicts the enemies attack will be weak and Macbeth will effortlessly win. [ The term besieging to contemn one time once more relates to fair is disgusting. foul is fair* ] In the 3rd stanza many metaphors are used. “And all our yesterdays have lighted saps the manner to dusty decease. ” This compares yesterday to a taper that merely leads us to decease. Life is unpointed and we all die in the terminal.

    Macbeth tells life to merely travel off. “out. out. brief candle. ” Macbeth feels life is short and will shortly run out. Macbeth feels life is worthless and intangible. “Life’s but a walk-to shadow. ” He one time once more repeats the short length of life in his metaphor about an histrion holding one of hr of glorification on phase and afterwards holding no significance. In his concluding remark of the 3rd stanza. Macbeth makes life expression important by naming it a narrative. He so destroys all positive images of life by stating “…told by an imbecile. full of sounds. and rage. ” Macbeth no longer appreciates life. has no hope. and realizes decease is at hand.

    Macbeth is hopeless and heartless in 5:5. and this hopelessness and impassivity is clear through certain enunciation and metaphors. Shakespeare uses Macbeth to research what a human would be like if he or she did non hold hope. a trait that all worlds portion. It was the one benefit of Pandora opening the out box of immoralities. hope.

    *doesn’t pertain to my subject. but thought it should be included.

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