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In Psalm of Life who’s the conversation between?
the psalmist and a young man
what are mournful numbers in the psalm of life?
lyric verses
what’s the main theme of the psalm of life?
live in the present not in the future or the past
poems flashcards

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what do those in pain want in the psalm of life?
they are looking for inspiration from others
what is life compared to in the psalm of life?
it’s compared to a battle
what does the speaker refuse to believe in in the psalm of life?
In this poem the speaker refuses the idea that life is only an “empty dream”. He declares that living a purposeful, “sublime” life, patiently but actively working toward a goal, can inspire others to do the same.
where is the traveler going in the tide rises tide falls?
he’s walking on the beach and he’s going out of town
what is the traveler leaving behind in the tide rises tide falls?
what happened to it and the traveler?
The little waves make them disappear. It’s like he has never walked there.
What, according to the speaker of “A Psalm of Life,” is “our destined end” or purpose?
Our purpose is to live in the moment, keep going no matter what happens, learn to work and be patient.
What does the speaker say about the value of the lives of great people in “A Psalm of Life”?
The speaker says that those in troubled states see someone else’s greatness and they get inspired. If you do something great, you inspire others.
what time of the day is it in the first snowfall?
it’s morning, because the rooster is making noises
what does Mabel ask in the first snowfall?
Who makes snow?
what does the speaker reply to mabel’s question in the first snowfall?
God makes snow
what does the speaker in the first snowfall say about God?
He says God
He refers to God as merciful
what does emerson say about great people in self reliance?
great people don’t follow the crowd, they rely on themselves
what does emerson say about other people’s opinions about you in self reliance?
don’t pay attention to what other people think of you, whether they hate or love you, because other people are just following what the mass media is telling them is good or bad
what does emerson say about consistency and change in self reliance?
most people like consistency, but consistency is not good because you are not growing as a person. It’s okay to change your mind. Great people are often misunderstood by others, because people don’t like change. But change is good, it shows you are thinking for yourself and developing.
what does emerson say about acceptance and others in self reliance?
: people must accept themselves, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Only through their own efforts will be able to succeed. Do not be jealous of others or imitate others.
Paragraph 2: accept the time, place and situation that you are born into, knowing that God is working through you
how does nature make one feel in nature?
nature us a good setting for people, whether they feel happy or sad. Just being out in nature, with nothing special happening in life, he has felt pure joy. in nature everyone feels like a child. No one can ever get tired of appreciating the beauty God has created in nature, he feels as if he is a part of something bigger, part of God. he forgets his place in man’s society. He feels part of a beautiful scheme, prettier than anything man-made.
how does nature make everyone feel?
makes everyone feel like a child
what secret relationship is there in nature?
between humans and plants
what time of the year does the raven take place in?
how does the guy in the raven know that someone came?
he hears a noise
Who did the author in the raven loose¿
Lenor( a girl)
What was the first thing the author asked the raven¿
What does the bird reply?
What’s your name¿
How does the author in the raven feel about the bird repeating one word over and over again?
The author thinks that it’s somebody’s evil joke.
What will the bird do to the author just like everyone else?
It will leave him just like everyone else did
What questions does the author ask the bird in the raven?
Will I ever be I’m heaven? Will I ever get to hold her hand? Is there something that can make me feel better?
Where does the author in the raven sit?
He pulls up a chair in front of the bird, an empty chair where lenor used to sit.
Stephen King
The most successful writer of horror fiction, his novels have been turned into movies and sold million copies. He is a master of terror and suspense.
What does King discuss in Danse macabre?
discusses how terror and suspense are treated in literature and film.
What does Danse macabre mean?
A dance with death
How is the name in the Danse macabre meaningful?
is meaningful since in King’s stories his characters are not killed immediately, he builds suspense, stepping closer to a source of fear.
What does King say about a closed door?
King says a closer door is frightening because we don’t know what’s behind it, and we are afraid of what we can’t see. In the absence of information, the mind enlarges the source of fear.
What makes a closed door so frightening?
Not knowing what’s behind it
What do some amusement park rides have in common with the tales of horror?
some rides make it look as if something terrible is about to happen to them
Why is a closed door more frightening than what is actually behind the door?
Being of afraid of something you can’t see is frightening-the mind enlarges the source of fear, making it worse
What does the author mean, lines 17-18, when he compares creating suspense to playing poker?
In poker, suspense comes from not knowing your opponents’ cards. once you see your opponents’ cards, the suspense is over
What does King mean when he compares the experience of suspense to a waltz with death?
Suspense means getting close to something you fear. Suspense is like a waltz, stepping closer to a source of fear, such as death, over and over again.
Why does King think that we willingly open the forbidden door of suspense?
We know we must eventually face what we fear.
Henry David Thoreau
advocated simple, mindful living and rejected a lifestyle dedicated to the pursuit of wealth. He is remembered as one of the first environmentalists.
work of nonfiction often loosely structured expressing the writer’s personal views on a single subject
writer’s attitude towards his subject
Figurative Language
language that communicates ideas beyond the literal meaning of words. Examples of figurative language are similies, metaphors, personification, and hyperbole.
short accounts of personal incidents
creates vivid impressions for the reader through discipline words and phases, especially using the five senses.
Edgar Allen Poe
Considered a master of American Gothic Horror.Poe writes about distinctive themes such as madness, untimely death, and obsession. He was fascinated with the macabre. In his own life, he experienced the tragic abandonment by his father and the death of his mother, was known to drink and gamble, and then experienced the death of his cousin/ wife.
Unity of effect
where every element: plot, character, setting, and imagery, help create a single mood.
the repetition of similar sounds
repeating of words and phrases for sound effect
repetition of initial consonant sounds in words nex to each other
words that sound like their meaning, such as buzz and pow
Draw conclusions:
to make judgements based on evidence
how does the snowfall transform the landscape in lines
Even the ugliest tree branches turn into pretty ones
the author uses words like pearl, marble and etc. It’s really silent and majestic outside.
The roofs turn white
what happened to the family in the snow falls?
They have suffered a death of a daughter. A child died and it’s really hard to get over that death so they visit her grave
describe the speaker’s religious beliefs- in the snowfall how do they help him cope with his pain?
He believes in God, he answers his daughter that God makes it snow. He doesn’t blame God for the death of his child.
what does thoreau argue about in civil disobedience?
that citizens must follow their conscience and fight government injustice in a peaceful manner. For example, he refuses to pay taxes that fund causes that he opposes-an action tat lands him in jail but frees spiritually.

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poems flashcards
In Psalm of Life who's the conversation between? the psalmist and a young man what are mournful numbers in the psalm of life? lyric verses
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