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    Poem – Hot Spots

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    a mysterious, bright, starlike object in the galaxy core
    red supergiant
    Betelgeuse… a large star of high luminosity
    dark spots on the sun where gas is cooler
    clouds of dust and gas where stars are born
    a hot, self-luminous sphere of gas
    a neutron star that rotates rapidly and gives out a beam of radiation picked up as a pulse
    neutron star
    the core of a star left after a supernova explosion
    billions of stars held together by gravitational attraction
    a specific pattern of stars
    a star suddenly exploding with increasing brightness
    the surface of the sun which emits the radiation we can see
    binary star
    2 stars orbiting a common center of gravity
    black dwarf
    a white dwarf which has stopped radiating energy
    Sirius A
    the brightest star in the sky
    a star explosion which increases the star’s luminosity to 1000 times that of a nova
    white dwarf
    a star that has collapsed after using its fuel
    variable star
    a star whose brightness changes
    a nearby galaxy
    Milky Way
    our galaxy
    very hot gas of the sun visible only during a total eclipse of the sun
    solar flames
    sudden increases in brightness of the chromosphere of the sun
    black hole
    a collapsed star from which light cannot escape
    bright red layer of sun surface containing hydrogen gas

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