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    Photosynthesis Essay (450 words)

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    Photosynthesis is the most important part of the lively hood of humans and animals. Without photosynthesis, we would not be able to receive energy. We should be more appreciate of plants, without them we would not survive. This paper will explain the basic components require for photosynthesis, the role of chlorophyll, how energy is transferred, and photosystems I and II and the most precious product results of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a reproductive system that occurs in plants.

    The main components required for photosynthesizing are sunlight, energy, water and mineral from soil, and carbon dioxide from the air. Once these components are combined they produce two products. Chlorophyll is the green substance that is found in plants. Chlorophyll’s main function in photosynthesis is to enable all the components in synthesizing to be put together.

    One could say that it is the house where photosynthesize occur. The chlorophyll never changes from its original form nor is combined when photosynthesis occurs. Plants absorb energy from the sunlight whether on land or in the water. The energy is transferred to humans and some animals that eat plants. Some animals are not able to eat plants so they eat other animals who has energy stored up in them. Humans also receive a source of energy from animals that we eat.

    What is quite amazing is that maggots receive energy from animals that have been dead for a long period of time. Photosynthesis has a two-stage performance before plants produce the two products they are known to produce. These stages are Photosystem I and II. Photosystem II is dependant on light reactions for energy which causes the electrons to be react and be transferred to Photosystem II. The electrons are transported through the Photosystem II electron transport system, however some energy is used to drive ATP synthesis.

    Meanwhile, light is being absorbed by the Photosystem I, which causes the electrons to react. This process sends the electrons to the Photosystem I transport system where some energy is released as electrons travel through the electron transport system and is captured as NADPH. When this process is completed oxygen is released from the plant and glucose has been formed from the ATP and NADPH energy that was stored in the plant. In conclusion, photosynthesis is a necessary means for life on earth. Without the oxygen which we breathe and the carbon dioxide we exhale it would not be possible.

    Neither plants nor animals are capable of storing energy. In view of this people should be careful when it comes to cutting down trees. This is destroying our oxygen.


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