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    Personal Story – Returning Home Essay

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    I want to tell you about my personal experience when I moved from America to Kurdistan. Moving was a really difficult thing for me because I was so used to living in America for so long and after going back everything was different and everything changed. When I first moved I was really happy because I got to see my family that I haven’t seen in so long. I got to meet new friends, but after staying for a month I realized that everything was different. The food the stores the mall the places everything it was nothing like America.

    When I went home and turned on the TV I realized that I wouldn’t be able to see my favorite shows anymore. I wasn’t used to living this life. When I started school in Kurdistan it was so hard. The kids were so rude to the teachers, the work was different than what I was used to, the way to school was you would have to memorize everything instead of actually studying it. I also had different courses that I never ever took before. Things were so new to me and since I came back from America it wasn’t that easy to comprehend what I was suppose to study.

    The way the school is set up if you fail one class you failed the whole entire grade level, and they were teaching us things that we have never heard before. The teachers not knowing much English thought that they knew everything. When we would correct a teacher on their grammar that used to get mad and tell us that we didn’t know anything. That made me really upset because living in America for 11 years I knew it I was talking about. The thing I like the most about Kurdistan was the amount of people that used to come over to visit and everything.

    Once a day no matter what time of day was we would have guests and family and friends coming over to see us. we would never be alone or never be lonely because there was always someone there to cheer us up. We lived in Kurdistan for about a year when we decided to come back to finish our school here. We thought it would be much easier to come get a diploma over here and get a good education over here so we can go back with our diploma and attend college there. When I go back I plan to attend college and study to become a teacher. I want to be able to give the people there the education I received in America.

    While I am here in America I’m taking everything in, going to places I’ve never been, visiting things I never seen visiting people that I miss so much. When I came to America I thought that I would want to go back to start high school the regular way like a normal teenager, But I learned about penn foster and I realized that I can do it online and on my own schedule. Nothing was more important to me then school was so that was the first thing on my main list. Now that I’m here in America I’m waiting to get my diploma so I can return back to Kurdistan.

    I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to live both in America and in Kurdistan and that I had the experience to live both the American and Kurdish life. I got to experience things that other foreign people would not be able to experience. I have had great opportunities now I can’t wait to go back. I want to go back and be able to share that amazing experiences I had with everyone back home. I want to show them pictures and memories that I had. I want to show them my high school diploma and show them that going to America was actually for a good reason.

    I really want my family to be proud of me because I have worked too hard to give up on my dreams. My family has struggled and gave up to much to make me happy. I am one lucky person to be living the life that I am living right now. Even though some things have been hard and I’ve been faced with some struggles, I continue to grow and I continue to strive for what I really want in life. my parents moving to America 11 years ago was the best decision that they have ever made, and now finishing school and starting a good future for myself will be the best decision that I ever make.

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