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    O Canada! Our Home and Native Land! Sample Essay

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    Canada is known as a multicultural state in which the great portion of the population is made by the in-migration.

    Within the open-door policies. the per centum of in-migration of Canada has increased dramatically late. Then. with the cultural diverseness background. whether Canada has a mix-up “messy” civilization or non.

    Likewise. will the immigrants be confused because of taking to follow their ain civilization or Canadian civilization? In “Immigrant Integration in Canada and the United States. ” Harles quotes Kymlicka’s claim. “Canada does better than virtually any other state in the universe in the integrating of immigrants” ( 223 ) . By and large talking.

    the bulk of immigrants and new Canadians can maintain their ain civilization and besides blend into the society while life in a multicultural state like Canada. As a affair of fact. they have the support from the Government under the “Multiculturalism Act” policy. and from the local Canadians with their open-minded attitudes. Furthermore.

    every bit long as they keep in touch with their ain little community in Canada while being involved in Canadian civilization. they will be considered to be Canadians and besides non distance themselves from their ain civilization. First of all. under “The Canadian Multiculturalism Act” policy.

    which has been effectual since 1988. all people who immigrated to Canada have the right to maintain their ain beginning. and so they feel free to incorporate to Canadian civilization. This policy states that all people have the rights to “enjoy their ain civilization. pattern their ain faith.

    and utilize their ain language” ; and besides. “the Government of Canada is committed to continuing and heightening our multicultural heritage and to working for the equal entree and full engagement of all Canadians in all aspects of our society” ( Canada 6 ) . Additionally. Clauses 3 ( 1 ) ( a ) and ( B ) “affirm that multiculturalism is a cardinal feature of our Canadian identity” ( Canada 13 ) . Therefore.

    the new Canadians can maintain their ain civilization and adapt to the new civilization at the same clip ; this creates an cultural diverseness in Canada. Against this policy is the article “No Place Like Home” by Neil Bissoondath. He argues about two false premises of this Act ; these are “culture could be transplanted” and the immigrants “wish to transport their civilization of origin” ( 363 ) . However. at the first point. multiculturalism does non intend “culture transplanting” .

    it means incorporating to the new civilization. it helps the immigrants feel like place and get the better of the civilization daze for a period of clip. Furthermore. with the 2nd point.

    he acknowledges about the point of out-migration is that people one time immigrate to another state. they throw out all of their yesteryear. In fact. it is perfectly true.

    but. finally. the more people get older. the more they want to come back to their ain beginning. Then. “The Multiculturalism Act” is helpful for immigrants to keep the ain civilization.

    Discover another side of integrating issue. Peach claims. “There are two chief theories about the manner in which the adjustment of minority groups within a province may be achieved: assimilation and multiculturalism” ( 3 ) . Opposing to the multiculturalism is assimilation. which happens in the United States.

    for illustration. In America. they treat all immigrants as if they are from the same state. have the same civilization ; they ignore the minorities. Compared to Canada’s civilization. America’s is called “Melting Pot” while Canada is “Mosaic” .

    “Melting Pot” is merely explained as “melting together” ; all different elements become one. which is monoculture. Conversely. “mosaic” is the mix of cultural civilizations ; all exist in the same topographic point.

    and it is called multiculture. Which one is better? Each state has each policy which is appropriate to its citizenship. However. in fact. people decidedly can non be isolated themselves from their ain ethnicity. Furthermore.

    whether or non. an wantonness is better than an encouragement. In world. if people are encouraged to maintain their ain civilization.

    so they feel free to be involved in another civilization because uniting the old and new civilizations is the proper manner to acquire along with the new one. In brief. the new Canadians are supported by the Government to set themselves between two different civilizations. Furthermore.

    with the credence attitude of local people. the fledglings to Canada can likely retain their cultural heritage every bit good as adapt to the Canadian behavior and life style. For illustration. in some traditional festivals of the minorities. local Canadians are really aroused and interested in ; they besides join in those activities. Furthermore.

    now there are some private companies offer yearss off for workers if they are in their ain vacations. such as the Lunar New Year of South-East Asiatic states. However. the favoritism still exists in some ways.

    In the study Finally. within the support from the new state. the immigrants should besides pattern their cultural traditions non to bury their roots while life in Canada for a long clip. Once immigrating to another state.

    people expect to be considered as local people. feel like place in the new topographic point. When clip goes by. the more they are involved in the new civilization. the more they forget their cultural tradition.

    Then. retaining their ain civilization and besides accommodating to the Canadian civilization at the clip is necessary for the new Canadians. They can likely make it with the points mentioned supra. Briefly speech production.

    because “everything has two sides” . there are some jobs still exist and somehow can impact the immigrants’ attitudes. nevertheless. every bit long as they are under the Government’s policy. hold a manus of local people.

    and maintain the interaction between their ain civilization and themselves. they can blend up the “culture solution” but non fade out into each other. Plants CitedBissoondath. Neil. “No Place Like Home. ” New Internationalist.

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    Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 1990. Print.

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