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    Personal Look Into Wellness Essay

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    A Personal Look Into Wellness EssayWhen I am not feeling well I find relief and comfort talking to my girlfriend.

    Occasionally I may think of topics such as my future and particular things I want to achieve and I fluster myself with over exaggerated thought with issues like college and school and people and everything else that’s happening at that moment in my life, but talking to my girlfriend allows me to release any anxiety that I may posses created by the persons around me and places order back into my thinking. When I talk, she listens with a glowing understanding and she always suggests ideas that may help solve my problem or piece back together my disarray of thought. Since the time I began to confide in her about my most personal upsets she has become not only girlfriend but my best friend as well. Being with her allows me to experience a closeness that I have never experienced with anyone. She is the one person that can make me feel better and happier about myself. She helps me forget about problems that don’t need to be worried about by just being and talking with her.

    To me she is that one very special person that I love. The feeling of love for her is a deep, passionate, caring, understanding, and unconditional love. Ph. D.

    Shelly Wu of the university of Pennsylvania says that love is an intense feeling for a certain person or thing. ” In my opinion love is truly indefinable in the sense that I cannot explain or break down the exact way I feel for my girlfriend. I do not disagree that it can be described, but to truly know love is to love and by loving, you will undoubtedly be loved in return. You might not achieve the classical sense of, “that special someone love,” but you can find love in friends and family which is another form of love and it can all be just as fulfilling just as long as you committed to loving.

    As long as it is understood that love is not just a four-letter word or trait but more of a mutual connection between two people, it can be easily be comprehended. The clearest way that I believe love can be explained is, “less is more,” meaning that the less your see love as a definition or a tangible object, the more you will realize that it is a feeling from within, an untold language that cannot be heard with one’s ears but with one’s heart. It would be a lie to say I never once experienced happiness before I met her but it would be true to say I have never felt happiness on this level that I am now. When I was younger, I was not happy, nor was I depressed but some how I found a median between the two.

    Two irresponsible parents preordained my future. The choices they made affected my life as well as theirs. My mother as well as my father established themselves among friends and families as substances abusers. They became addicted to cocaine and heroine at a young age. They began to lie, cheat, and steal from the people that loved them the most.

    The longer the stayed substance abusers that larger the craving for heroine and cocaine became and the larger it became the more money the stole. Once I reached the age of five they divorced and shortly after their departure from each other my father held up a corner store to pay for his drug habit and was arrested soon after he committed the crime. He was sent to San Quentin to serve out his sentence of ten years and I was allowed to visit him once in that time with his parents. All of this was because my parents wanted a better sense of wellness but the wellness they were receiving was a false since of wellness that only created more and more problems, which developed into stress.

    After becoming addicted to heroine the body craves it more often and what use to be habit turned to a necessity and money becomes more and more scarce as it is spent all .

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