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    Personal Health Assessment Sample Essay

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    Through this paper I will reexamine the consequences of the Self Assessment. this will let me to place every bit good as explain which three of the six dimensions of wellness are my strongest. I will besides depict how I will better on the three staying dimensions. Through this class I will recognize the alterations that need to be made in order to better on my overall wellness. Each of the six dimensions of wellness are critical to a individuals life and should be taken earnestly in order to take attention of our organic structures.

    Integrating each dimension to make a balance in our lives will take to improved mental every bit good as physical wellness. through behavioural alterations this delicate balance can be achieved. Upon completion of the Self Assessment refering to the six dimensions of wellness the consequences have revealed there are three dimensions that I am strongest in and three dimensions that I need to better on. I am strongest in Spiritual Health. Social Health. and Emotional Health.

    I need to better on Environmental Health. Intellectual Health. and Physical Health. Religious wellness is associated with how an single sees their chosen faith. the way they take with the chosen faith. and how they look at life in general.

    I am strong in this dimension. This besides relates to Social Health since both relate to how an single Acts of the Apostless towards others every bit good as how others act towards me. I do non tie in with one peculiar organized faith I do believe in a higher power. I relate closely to the people I surround myself with and the earthly environment around me. Social Health is associated with lending to the community every bit good as the environment that is around each of us.

    I feel this relates to Spiritual Health besides. I relate to others good in societal state of affairss and am cognizant of the environment around me. I try to populate in harmoniousness with my community every bit good as the environment. Emotional Health is associated with how a individual recognizes consciousness and credence of their feelings. Emotional Health incorporates the grades to which an person manages their feelings and behaviours. I am an emotionally stable person.

    When I am faced with an emotional challenge I either work through it myself or speak in through with household or a friend. I respect my ain feelings and emotional along with those of others. Environmental Health is associated with concern for the environment such as litter clean up and recycling. I do hold a concern for the environment. but I do non make every bit much as I am capable of. I do seek to recycle every bit good as to buy merchandises made from recycled elements.

    but I sometimes find myself to occupy and connivence wins me over. I do populate on a beach and am actively involved in halting beach eroding and day-to-day clean up of the beach. Intellectual Health is associated with how an single processes information every bit good as their creativeness and other mental activities. A portion of Intellectual Health is believing before you act and this is an country I could better upon.

    I tend to move before I think when in an emotional state of affairs. Taking the clip to believe through my reactions will be good to me in the hereafter. Physical Health is associated with an persons overall wellness. Physical development involves eating a healthy diet that encourages nutritionary facets. prosecuting in regular physical activity.

    accomplishing overall health. Physical Health besides pertains to an persons weight. their exercising degree. and a individuals overall health. I could better in this country by eating more fruits and veggies and eating less pre packaged and sugary nutrients. Developing a repast program and lodging to it will assist.

    I could besides exert on a regular footing instead than away and on as I have been over the old ages. I need to take the clip to care for myself in order to be around to care for others. The most of import behavioural alteration that I can do to better myself would be to do better nutrient picks and to exert systematically. An person can be taught through behavioural alterations to larn a new behaviour every bit good as to extinguish an old 1.

    Through behavioural alterations an person can larn a new wont such as exercising and doing wise nutrient picks. Through this class I would wish to larn the tools to alter my bad behaviours by making new 1s. Through new behaviours I can life a healthier life style and be more productive at work every bit good as with my household. The six dimensions of wellness are critical to an persons overall wellness and felicity. Religious Health refers to your faith pick.

    Social Health refers to your communicating accomplishments. Emotional Health refers to how we deal with feelings and others around us. Intellectual Health refers to our mental activities. and Physical Health refers to our wellness and life style. Keeping these dimensions in head will let an person to better their overall good being.

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