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    One Human Race

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    We can learn from one another a new culture, new traditions, and eat food from different cultures. In addition why I think we can live together is because on a article I read it said “a great national striving consisting frequently of failure”. Some people have more in common than we have differences. The reason why people can live together as one human race because we have been given time to getting to know each other and learn other cultures.

    People get the chance of to understand others and realise they are equal to us. We can begin to respect others more and understand their views on specific subjects. We could accept all races as having an equal right. Living together as one human race can a gain a greater understanding of different races which helps break the barriers of ignorance. In addition what I read about problems between races and religions, prejudice directed a religion or a nationally we can stop the tension and the prejudice. We have faced diversity and there is a little point in trying to isolate anything remotely resembling a national character, but there are two strains of behavior that, however tenuously, abet the concept of unity. In “Making the Future Better Together” Eboo, Patel states “Respect, relationship and service to the common good that was washington’s ethic, the three pillars on which he believed a diverse democracy would thrive”. People don’t always serve one another or come together for the common good, however when tragedy strikes or times that are tough, people come together.

    I think we can live together when there’s conflict people unite as one human race and together we share the same emotions, together we face it, together we help one another, and together we make this nation beter. Americans came together when people lined up at hospitals across the country to donate their blood. This made people realise that we are stronger together than apart. Lincoln stated “United we stand, divided we fall” which means we can be able to live together. Then when this nation is divided we’ll fall apart.

    Although I think individuals can live as one human race some countries believe that prejudice is hollow and distant. In “Once Upon a Time” the people that were believing that the racism between the white and black. The policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race eventually ended we are not a perfect country but yet we stand stronger. The countries that are successful are countries with only one human race. I think that the youth of our generation pay less attention to race and religions before, and are more accepting most of people of all backgrounds than the generation before us.

    There is one thing that will never change despite the fact that discrimination, and unfortunately. Discrimination is based on race, ethnicity class, and many countries live in peace.

    The hate and negativity this nation gives does not prevent it from being a successful nation. Hate does not prevent it from being a successful nation. I believe we can live together as one human race peacefully and lovingly if we came together to know each so there can no longer be discrimination in this nation.

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