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    Odyssey leadership Essay (1118 words)

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    Leader or Self-centered The definition ofa leader has a broad spectrum of interpretations. A leader can be a politician, a parent, a soldier, or anyone who has any type of groundbreaking qualities. To define a true leader it doesn’t matter if they are rich, poor, man, woman, or anything. Odysseus was willing to give his life for his soldiers at any type during his Journey. Some may say he was not a good leader others such as say he couldVe been one of the greatest. For example, Odysseus took initiative at war in Troy with creating the Trojan horse, devised a plan for his men when they were in danger with

    Cyclopes and when they were on Circe’s island Odysseus selflessly went with the leader when half of his men were turned into pigs. Odysseus’s first true signs of leadership can be seen when he leads his troops during the Trojan War. As it says in the book, ” Tell me, Muse, of the man of ways, who has driven far Journeys, after he had sacked Troy’s sacred citadel… ” (Book 1 lines 1-3). Odysseus had the courage and bravery to go off to war for his country. At times Troy was considered to be the strongest military in the world.

    He left his family, his people and his land. A leader is someone who is respected and trusted by others and will follow the chosen path and willing to fght side by side until death. The fellow soldiers of Ithaca must trust in Odysseus’s direction. Odysseus designed the Trojan horse and planned the ambush to win the war in Troy. He did not Just take the Citadel of Troy in a normal storming fashion such as, ancient battle techniques, but used his creativity and cunning mind to conquer the Trojans.

    Not only did Odysseus lead his men to a victory but also did it in such a way that very few of his men lost their lives. Once the war was done he led them home through many distractions on the long Journey home. It takes a courageous soul to want to fght for your country. He did nit look at the victory as a personal gain that only he would benefit but in a way which all of his motherland could benefit from. Odysseus was selfless knowing he would be put in harms way throughout the Journey of the war and home.

    After the war it was a long Journey home with many hardships. One of the many qualities a leader portrays is perseverance. Odysseus perseveres through a 10-year Journey home and never lost sight of their homecoming to Ithaca. He had the worst conditions and hardships possible. Poseidon, in particular, gives Odysseus the most challenging trials as retaliation for killing Poseidon’s son, the Cyclopes. When Odysseus made his Journey home Poseidon created harsh winds and unfavorable storms.

    Odysseus took all of these challenges head on and succeeded to keep his crew alive, to the best of his ability. Poseidon also brought much pain, suffering, and death into Odysseus’s life by sinking his fleet of ships, claiming his treasure , and killing his crew in the process. He helped the men to survive as best as he could owever each man has free will and decided no to listen to Odysseus. Another example of Odysseus being a leader is when him and his men encounter the save them and get them home.

    When Odysseus was locked up and the Cyclopes was eating his men two at a time he devised a plan to save his men form getting eaten by the Cyclopes, “Old shipmates, friends, the rest of you stand by; I’ll make the crossing in my own ship… and find out what the mainland natives are for they may be wild savages, and lawless… ” (Book 9 lines 71-74). Odysseus first got the Cyclopes drunk. When the Cyclopes was drunk Odysseus told him his name was nobody. Then stabbed him in the eye, which blinded him and was able to get him and his men to the ship.

    Then when the Cyclopes cried out for help he was yelling nobody was killing him there for saying that “nobody’ killed him gave them time to get to the ship safety. A leader will do anything possible to get what he fghts for. Odysseus left home for twenty years and his home was taken over by suitors. He knew he needed to get back to leading his people. He used his leader ship skills into taking his home back. He divides a plan to dress up as beggar to fgure out the situation. Once he fgured the ituation out he put his skills and courage to the test. He led a plan to take back his home.

    Telemachus, Athene, and Odysseus executed the plan and killed all the suitors in his home and took his home back. A true leader will do anything imaginable for his people no matter what the cost is. In this case Odysseus needed to get back to his people and lead them once again. Lastly, Odysseus is a leader due to his selfless act of knowing he would be in danger helping his men who were turned into pigs. The leader of Circe’s Island came to Odysseus asking for his help. Odysseus did not second-guess going to help his men ven if it meant putting himself in harms way.

    He worries more about his men more than he cares of himself. Leaders are willing to take one for the team. This shows how strong of a leader he is because a true leader wants to be someone people can look up to, after all that is what leaders are. If Odysseus had not tried to help his comrades, then people would have blamed and accused him. Odysseus would not be considered a leader anymore, because people would not want to follow his example. Odysseus will always be remembered for all the things he did which made him a leader for the past, the present and future.

    All in all, Odysseus has many characteristics of a leader shown throughout the book The Odyssey. Odysseus was more than willing to give his life for his men. Not only was he a leader he was a hero and a good man. For example, Odysseus took initiative at war in Troy with creating the Trojan horse, devised a plan for his men when they were in danger with Cyclopes and when they were on Circe’s island Odysseus selflessly went with the leader when half of his men were turned into pigs. Odysseus made history and his name will forever echo throughout the town of Ithaca as the man who did the impossible.

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