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    None Provided1 Essay Thesis (535 words)

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    Although the Mothman legacy began nearly forty years ago on a chilly, fall night in 1966, it has since became the stuff legends are made of.

    It has grown into a phenomenon known all over the world by millions of curious people asking questions such as the following: What really happened? What did these people see? Has it been seen since? Nothing has sparked the worlds imagination and curiosity as has the mystery behind Point Pleasant, West Virginias Mothman. Was there such thing as the Mothman? The details found in all of the facts that I will show you definitely point to yes. You will agree with me after you hear about the first sightings of the Mothman, eyewitness accounts of how these sitings changed their lives, and a look at the medias reports of the incidents that happened during this time. The day before the actual siting of the Mothman, Linda Scarberry was sitting at home alone at around eleven oclock at night, when this awful noise of flapping wings started above her home. It circled the home and kept hitting the roof, but Linda was too scared to go outside. The next night, while Linda and her husband at the time and another couple were at the TNT area, she found out exactly what that noise was.

    It was around eleven thirty at night on November 15, 1966. The town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, was about the be shaken by a series of events like nothing else on the face of the earth. Both couples in the car that very clear, cold night were out chasing parkers. They has just topped a hill when the headlights hit this seven foot tall creature with wings that were visible on its back. The body of it was like a slender, muscular man, and it was flesh-colored.

    Its face could not be seen, because its eyes simply hypnotized those that were looking at the Mothman. It had one of its wings caught in a guide wire near a section of road close to the power plant and was pulling on its wings with its huge hands, trying to free itself. It quickly pried itself loose and ran into the plant, but that was not the last time these two couples ran into the Mothman that very night. It seemed to keep following them, and they saw him various different places within about a half-hour after they initially sighted it.

    While they were leaving the TNT area, the Mothman was sitting on a sign, and it went straight up into the air very fast. It then followed them down Route 62 while they were going over one hundred miles per hour and hit the top of their car two or three times. The last place that they saw it was on top of the flood wall crouched down with its arms around its legs and its wings tucked against its back. They did not know anything else to do then but to call the cops. The police did not believe them at first, but, after they realized that they were not drinking or on drugs and was tremendously scared, they started believing what the two couples confessed to them.Bibliography:

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