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‘’Death of a Salesman Character Analysis’’ By Athur Miller

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In death of a salesman Linda Loman is a doting wife that sees through her husband Linda doesn’t know from Willy’s finances and his mistress. This is the part of why linda defends her husband behavior even when he lashes out at her like her husband, linda compares happiness and freedom with material well. She truly believe that the american ideal of success possible for success. Linda strong devotion to her husband makes it hard for her to understand why he killed himself and why no one showed up to his funeral. In linda life she always hope that things will work out for the better, but yet it doesn’t. But it always worsen.

In death of a salesman she chooses to marry and support her husband Willy Loman, a man who wanted to be great but defined it as being ‘’well liked’’ by others. Because of linda’s choice of who she marry, the rest of her life after this will be a disappointment. Linda characteristics could be discovered by paying attention to the author miller’s stage of directions. During this she speaks to her son’s Happy and Biff she can be very confident and also resolute. In the beginning of the play linda scolds her son [Biff] for not being alert and also apprehension. She had explain that when Biff wonders the country to usually work Watkins 2 as a ranch hand, Willy Loman stats to complain and says that his son is not living up to his potential at all. Throughout the play Willy’s dementia becomes worser to the point where he begins to start talking to himself often. And then Linda believes that if her son’s becomes successful then Willy’s frugal spirit will just heal on itself. So meaning that Linda convinced both her son’s that really the only hope for Willy’s sanity. Linda has told her son Biff that if he doesn’t has any feelings for his own father Willy, well that means that he doesn’t have feelings for his mother linda. It is really unclear that whether or not that Linda suspects Willy’s affair, but it is clear from the whole audience perspectives.

Linda now realizes that her husband has been trying to commit suicide, and she knows that willy is not in the right state of mind and is on the very verge of being lost. And she had knew that her beloved husband has been hiding a rubber hose so that he could try to use it for suicide. Linda never confronted her husband Willy about his suicidal or his delusional conversations he has with some ghosts of the very past. But instead, she plays the role of a loving housewife of the 40s and the 50s. And at the very end of the play linda becomes a widow. Linda’s role in the play Death of a Salesman is that she loves to support he husband in every right or wrong way but also she tries so hard to prove to herself that she is a real loving and caring wife but she is not a sensible one. Linda tells her son Biff and Happy that they needed to stop bothering their father willy cause he was irritated and she said that she was trying to protect him. Watkins 3 She is the main character in the play and also she is the mother of Biff and Happy and She’s married to Willy Loman.

Her character is a woman that’s in a awkward situation with her husband named Willy cause he is suicidal, and also he is a man that is very difficult to even deal with on top of that. And in the play linda has become on of every ones best character to act in this entire play that she’s in. Her overall important point in this is that her whole appearance emphasizes how her role is that she plays. Many people have liked her character because they like how she uses the basic parts and also her language and her communication towards other characters too. To some this up linda still remains devoted to her husband willy even though he betraids her at two real major points that were during this play committing adultery the other women as just a young man and also just a man trying to committ suicide that willy had kept on trying to kill himself. Throughout the play linda was a caring and a trusting person to her husband but she was still trying to maintain her relationship with Willy because she has knew all of the stuff he has been doing and lying to her when they were together and at some point she had got overwhelmed and stressed out when she found out that he has been trying to commit suicide when she and her son’s wasn’t around. Linda loves Willy more than anything in life itself and she cared that willy may have had an affair with someone but her feelings are strong towards her husband will never fail. Watkins 4 Linda Loman always has tried her very best to teach her kids to respect their father and provide him with a comfortable environment at their home around their father.

Although linda seems to be very caring and very supportive wife and mother in this play and she has never confronted willy behavior and she will forever go out her way to support him in his life. She has even supported Willy to achieve his goal by encouraging him to at least search for a job that would fit him and a job that he will love to work at.

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