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    No Homework Policy Essay (1014 words)

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    Studying at school is the normal thing that a child do when he or she is at the age of 4.Reading and writing is the basic lesson that a teacher is teaching at the students at the young age. Homework is one thing that a teacher gave that serve as a task to every student if they learn something from the lessons that being is tackled.

    The homework that we know is invented by an Italian pedagog named Roberto Nevelis in the far 1905 and it as a punishment to his own students. Homework or assignment is a task that is given to every student to be completed outside the class. But most of the students now a day finished their homework inside the classroom. It becomes their daily routine that if there are task given they will not do it at their home instead copying from their classmates as their arrived from the school. This results in having a fail grades it’s because sometime as they copy from ones work they didn’t know that they already copying the wrong one. It is good sometimes for having a homework it is because it test if you really learn something inside the class but too much of it may be one factor of having a low score in test it is because the students get pressured or have a hard time remembering the lesson itself.

    No homework policy is a proposed bill that can help students in finding balance between their academic growth and personal growth. The beneficiary of this bill will be from kinder to grade 12 students. I am agreeing that their will this kind of bill especially the DepEd also sympathize with this. I believe that the students should have their relaxation after a long day in learning at School. I know the feeling of having heavy loads of work when I was elementary even in high school. When I was an elementary student I am having a difficulty in field of mathematics and it really makes me feel embarrassed every time that I dint knows the answer at the question of the teacher. As I was studying I really felt so much sad it is because as I didn’t get the answer in the recitation at school there will be a homework that I know I will struggle on it again. Homework really gives me bad memories wherein I remember I thought I was good at that subject but at the end I got a lower score.

    According to Stanford University, 56 percent of the students considered that homework as the primary source of stress. And if there is too much homework it can results headaches, lack of sleep and even weight loss. Homework is really stressful it is because sometimes the questions are tricky and hard to answer especially if we don’t analyze the problem or the questions properly. It can caused headaches when give too much time thinking of how that a certain things happen and how is that possible to be the answer in that question. Lack of sleep sometimes we forgot that its already time to sleep it’s because there are teachers that really gave assignments twice a day or what I mean teachers giving a lot of task even though there are lots of pending task. And the more that you gave time in finishing your homework the less time of your sleep you become sleepy at school as well as inactive in activities or even recitations. You’re not gaining weight it’s because as your focused doing you assignments you forgot to eat at time. You don’t see that it’s already time for your dinner and in that way you lose weight but you’ve finished your assignment on time. There are lots of outcome in having a heavy load of homework wherein it can affect the student mental health and physical growth. Mental health are those effects mentally that a person is dealing with like headaches the more and more that we think in a certain question we feel something aching it’s because we forgot that we should focus on our health. Another thing is that when a homework is computerize or we need to use computer we all know that it has bad effect to our health especially are eyes because the more that we soaked in using computer the more the chance of having blurred eyes and we also feel headaches due to the radiation that we get as we use computer or any gadget.

    I am so much agree in the no homework policy is a good bill that can help students to focus on their academic subjects and be with their family. I am very glad that the DepEd sees what the student is facing as they have their heavy loads of assignments. There are lots of subjects at school especially at high school they have 9 subjects and 7 subjects are what they study per day and what if, if all the teachers give each assignments this will be a hard time for the students. The teachers must realize that the student and also they are spending at least 8 hours a day in school they must consider that the rest of time of the student is for relaxation, bonding with family and enjoyment. We can say that this No Homework Policy is a good start for everyone especially the beneficiary of its which are the kinder to grade 12 students and not because they don’t have homework they must still study harder for making their parents proud and for them to achieve their goals in life easier. Having good grades is an advantage in getting a decent job and a high paid that can help to enable support the needs of their family in the near future. And homework will give us a lesson that we should be responsible in doing the task that the teacher is given to us. And we must realize that everything will always have good and bad effects to us.

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