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    Negative Effects of Violence in Video Games

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    We live in a world with everyday violence. Can we truly say that the violent things that we see in our everyday lives are dehumanizes us? Absolutely. Researchers say that too much of savage video gaming can cause an increase in violent actions. Video games are at the root of many horrific events. Those who play video games regularly are at an increased risk of having anger issues, exhibiting violent behavior, and acting impulsively as a result of their immature minds being desensitized.

    Are everyday lives are dehumanized by video games that cause us to have anger issues. “Researchers continually study the negative,and positive effects of playing video games, adding to this debate, and to the confusion of parents. Although recent studies have shown that violent and aggressive games do lead to violence, an April 2014”(Maldonado,Frustration with Video Games Leads to Aggressive Behavior). The experiences in our everyday lives can cause us to have anger issues like playing to much of a mature video game. Our teenage minds aren’t fully developed so it causes us to make impulsive choices because we can’t think of the outcome before we do something. Anger issues dehumanize our society and it leads us to have anger issues.

    People that play video games that are too mature for their brains usually have and increase in violent behavior. “Violent video games are significantly associated with increased aggressive behavior, thoughts, and affect; increased physiological arousal; and decreased prosocial helping behavior”(Violent Video Games: Myths, Facts, and Unanswered Questions). The more we are consumed by terrible experiences in our daily lives will affect our behavior negatively. If our youth is filled with violent video games and violent actions then it will lead to and increase in violent behaviors. So if we consume the teenage minds with violent actions it we lead to and increase in berserk behaviors.

    Teenagers will be affected more by the vicious society because of there will to make impulsive choices. “At some point in their life, most people are likely to have acted on impulses or reacted to provocations. This is accepted normal human behavior. However, in some cases it is pathological and some individuals behave this way habitually as part of a pattern of behaviors that may have begun sometime in their youth”(Impulse Control, Impulsivity, and Violence: Clinical Implications, Kaliski). Impulsive decisions that teenagers make can sometimes be affected by and experience in their youth. A teenage boy could have been affected with a gun violent video game when he was younger then something drastic could have happened in his life and he might act on it the only way he knows and that’s violently. So therefore we should not consume the youth with so much violent because as they get older they can make unsmart and impulsive decisions.

    In conclusion kids play video games constantly are at risk of affected the minds by having anger issues, and increase of violent behaviors, and more easy to make impulsive choices. Therefore we should decrease the availability of kids to violent video games because it corrupts are youth by. Kids to have more anger issues,And increase in violent behavior, And lead teens into making impulsive decisions

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