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    Natural Disaster on Nolight (583 words)

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    The Island of Nolight is 20 km long and 15 km wide. The agricultural area is near the middle of the island and the tourist area is in the south part of the island. On the east side of the island is the housing area. The housing is on a 4,300-foot plateau. In the water by the housing area, is the wave energy. Just a little south of the plateau, is the nuclear power plant. Finally, on the west side of the island, is the volcano. Just next to it is the wind power and the geothermal plant. The explosion of the volcano is 5km long and 6 km wide and goes to 3 km. In the initial explosion, the wind energy will be instantly destroyed because the windmills are right by the volcano. That’ll result in a power drop on the island. The explosion is very loud and everyone on the island and a little beyond, can hear the explosion of the island. The explosion will also affect the ocean by creating many big waves due to the shaking and moving of the island. The loudness will affect many people’s ears and could possibly make them deaf.

    Next, the geothermal plant will be wiped out by the explosion of the volcano. This will also cause a power drop, but this time it is much bigger. The geothermal plant gives a majority of the power to the island, so if it gets wiped out, most of the people on the island will lose power. If humans want to continue life on the island, it will be challenging for them to replace the power sources. The explosion extends far on the island, but not far enough to hit the agricultural area. It seems safe for many things on the island until the pyroclastic flow comes along. A pyroclastic flow is a dense, destructive mass of very hot ash, lava fragments, and gases ejected explosively from a volcano and typically flowing downslope at great speed. The flow will result in the destruction of the agricultural area.

    All the livestock and crops that are kept there will be killed instantly from the heat of the pyroclastic flow. It will kill the people caring for the crops and the livestock. The pyroclastic flow will make its way to the tourist area. The flow will kill many tourists that are in that general area. Some might try to flee to the water, but the flow will still hit them and will kill them, but some swimmers might make it out safely. Then, the buildings will get annihilated by the flow and that would also result in deaths of natives and tourists. The pyroclastic flow will continue down the island. It’ll reach the housing area, but the housing area is on a plateau that is 4300 feet tall. The plateau that the housing is on will cause the pyroclastic flow to not hit the housing, but to spread out and go North and South into the water. There is a problem with the flow going North, and it is that it’ll hit the nuclear power plant and cause a meltdown. The meltdown would not cause much damage because firstly, the pyroclastic flow has already destroyed much and the actual tower that holds the reactors is too thick and strong for the meltdown or the flow to even affect it. The housing area may be safe from the pyroclastic flow, but there will be ash coming from the sky towards it.

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