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    My Mother and My Love for Writing Essay

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    My mom was reading a Snow White to me when I was a child at night. My mom’s voice just like a soft music, relax myself and easy to go into sleep. I think that was a wonderful moment that I fell in love with books. At that time, the friendly relation between books and I were begin. During the childhood, I read a lot of fairy tales at nights. Every time when me mom wanted to read a fairy tale to me, my mom and I would lie down on the bed, and then I would close my eyes and listen to my mom. Sometimes I would image some pictures in my mind, and now I still clearly remember what I was imaging before.

    I was imaging that I were a Snow White, and I was playing with my seven little friends. The most expect moment during the day it is at night, before I sleep ¦ When I growing up, I began trying read fairy tales by myself. I had one interesting thing it is my mom and my roles were change. I would tell my mom what I just read, and my mom would listen to me how I would summarize the stories. Sometimes my mom would correct me if I said something illogical, make my summaries make sense. Many years later, when I recalled that period, I especially thanks to my mom, because I learned how to summarize a story, that is help my a lot in my life.

    When I went to an elementary school, I could write small essays very quick with a lot of ideas because I was reading many fairy tales and short stories in my childhood. I got many ideas from them. Time goes fast. I was a middle school student already. I tried to read some novels during the break times and at home. Chinese teacher just said a student who reading once a day score significantly higher on writing assignments than the student who never read. I remembered it is one final test; my essay is the highest score in the whole grade.

    I was so surprise; I never thought I would have a highest score. “Congratulations! Your essay is very good; the essay has a great plot. I am extremely proud of you. You worked so hard for a long time.  Chinese teacher said. I saw his face was grateful for that. ” Thank you. I never thought that good thing would happen to me. It is hard to believe.  I said to the Chinese teacher. ” Opportunities are always for those who are well prepared.  Chinese teacher said, and looked at me seriously. That is the first time someone ever praised me for my writing.

    That made me feels more confident with writing. I moved to United Stated when I was a high school student in China. When I arrived New York, I felt everything has change. My life is very different that I was in China. Different languages, different lifestyle made my feel confused. One month later, I went to a high school, started my new American life. In New York, all high schools teachers let students read a lot of books, and write some summaries and essays like critical lens when they finished reading. During that time, I used to hate to read and writing assignments.

    Because I am not an English speaker, English is not my first language. My vocabulary is limited, and I just can use some low level words to write an essay. Therefore, my writing was terrible and I really hate writing an essay. During that time, everything was stopping me to write an essay. I did not know how to use English to write an essay. I had no writing ideas in my mind. When the English teacher said all students needed to swap the essays to read and write some feedback to each other’s. I was afraid someone who read my essay. When one classmate read my essay, he just ridiculed me for my writing.

    I wanted to cry in that moment. I had no self-confidence about my writing. My English teacher read my mind. After the class, when I left the class, she stopped me: ” Don’t be upset, don’t feel dejected. You just an immigrant.  “But I am so confused. I don’t know how to write an essay in English. And I hate reading books. I don’t understand what the books’ said.  I told my English teacher that what I worried and confused. ” Everything will be better. You just not used to it. What you should do now is try to memorize more vocabulary and read more books. ” Okay. I will try my best.  I said to the English teacher. ” Yes. I believe you will love with English immediately.

    The English was smiled at me. I started learning English diligently. Also I started reading some books. I knew if I don’t read books, I couldn’t write a good essay. I needed to read more books to learn English. Soon, my English teacher saw I had a better essay. ” See, I told you, you can do it.  English teacher was so excited that I showed I had improvement. ” Thank you.  I was so happy because my effort is rewarding ¦

    Even though I am not an American, English is not my first language, I cannot write some very good essay now. But I am learning, learning how to write a better essay, how to organizes well the essay now. Many years before, I was a child; I was learning how to write an essay. I was like a sponge, absorbed knowledge. Many years later, I am an adult; I am learning how to write an essay, too. I also like a sponge, and keep absorbing knowledge and growing. I restored my confidence and my great passion with reading and writing. Those experiences let me love reading and writing more.

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