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    My Job at Home Depot Essay (610 words)

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    Many people may think all warehouse job are the same like piles of bubble wrap, miles of shelving, and forklifts making a lot of beeping noise. The experience of working in a warehouse can vary quite a bit depending on if you’re working for a small company or an international company. I’m going to describe my job experience working at Home Depot. I have been there for 5 months and I really like it so far. First off I prepares order by processing request and supply orders. This consists of pulling material; packing boxes and placing orders. This is the one of the hard parts of the job because there is more work you have to put in.

    Especially pulling the material off the shelf because some of the things I pull are not light at all. Packing the boxes are not as hard as pulling. The easiest part is probably placing the order is the easiest job of them all Next thing about my job is all the exercise I get, I do a lot of walking and standing up the ware house is large so that requires me to move a lot because all the things are not In just one spot if the warehouse. That can wear you pretty quick and that make me very tired can I’m doing more then I usually do some days it take a huge toll on me I be more tired then I usually do.

    But in the end I know it help me a lot. Another thing I do at Home depot is unload the truck. Unloading can be easy and hard at the same time. The easy part is that we slide the things down a pulley. The hard part is placing the things where the products go. Most of the parts are externally heavy sometime you can get help others but if they are working on there section is another thing that make so hard to do. Another good part about my job is when they let us use the forklifts. The forklifts make it so much easy to get the heavy items to the home.

    There have not been many of them because when the stokers come in the take most of them so it very hard to get one to use. Home depot maintains safe and clean shipping supply area such as complying with procures, regulation, and rule. I’m glad that they have it like this because other warehouse jobs I work at there were a lot of accidents because most people didn’t comply with what this and there were a lot of accidents. Once we are done unloading we have to clean up and make sure the area it safe to move around. Lastly we have to complete reports by entering in required information. This is another easy part of my we have to enter.

    This consists of putting all the special orders in the computer to make sure we have received all the correct items to put on the floor. For example, there was this time I was doing this huge order and some of the items were not on the truck so I had to put in the system the items were not received and I was getting accuse for it till my sup said it was impossible for me to do any thing with the items. In conclusion home depot one of the best experiences. All in all there can be up and downs working at Home Depot. But I like working at Home Depot and it giving me skills that I can later on use in life.

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