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    My Family Essay Summary (1142 words)

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    What is family like these days? Family has changed throughout time and it is different from the past couple years. I have a sizable family that consists of six sisters and both of my parents. Luckily, we have no brothers, but it does consist of my aunt and uncle and their two little girls. It is a little complicated to have all sisters because my parents try to buy us similar things and they always seem to like one sibling better than the other one. Both of my parents are strict but mostly my dad. My mom is more relax than my dad.

    My dad is a hard headed and so are all my sisters even myself too. All my sisters look like my mom more than my dad and I am more stubborn than the rest of my family. The rest of my sisters are more kind and caring people rather than myself. I have a love and hate relationship with my family, most of the time, when they are in their best behavior. My family is strong and sticks together because of their unconditional love, support and their friendship that they offer each other, no matter what happens because that is why families are.

    Unconditional love is one important part of a strong family that keeps the connection strong. It is important because it keeps the bond with every single member of the family. We have a lot of ups and downs in my family, but because of the unconditional love it keeps us stronger and prepares us for the obstacles yet to come. This is especially true in my family. For example, my family has always given me their unconditional love whether I ask for it or not because they make sure I know that they love me for whom I am.

    Sometimes I will argue with my mom or my older sisters about issues that may not be so important, but I end hurting their feeling because of how I said it. If that unconditional love we have towards one another were not there, my family would not love me no matter what I say to them. It made me realize that they love me no matter all the hurtful things I have said to them. It made me appreciate them more because they accept me for who I am and would not give up on me.

    When it comes to my family we have arguments like any normal family but the difference is that we never disrespect one another or fight as a family in front of people. It is hard for me to show them my love towards them, but they know that I would always love them unconditionally for the rest of my life. Having six girls in the family is hard because of the favoritism my parents have towards one sibling yet they do not admit it because in their eyes they love us all the same. When it comes to support, I can count on my family, whether it is emotionally, physically or financially.

    I guess my family is strong in supporting and showing their love towards me. One time I could not afford to buy two books for my psychology and math class so they ended up buying the books I needed. When I went to college in Sacramento my parents supported my decision and never questioned why I chose to go that particular college they just showed me their support even if it meant they wouldn’t be able to see me everyday and know how I am doing. When I am feeling sad or sick I call home and my mom gives me emotional support and advice.

    She would say that we would soon see each other and to hang in for a little while longer. I do the same thing back to my parents when they need help with anything. I will always have their back and be supported by it. If my family were not strong enough, there would not be any type of support for my sisters or me. I count with their unconditional support is what makes me and my sister bond even more at the end of each day and makes us thankful that we have one another to count on no matter what unintelligent things we might end up doing.

    Many parents try to be or would hope to be their children best friend. I can say so myself that I have a unique friendship with everyone in my family, whether we talk about guys, school, music, friends, or anything in particular. The best part of being able to have a friendship with your family is that, no matter what you tell them, they always seem to stick around and not be judgmental about it. Another thing in having a friendship with my family is that we established trust and better communication towards one another.

    The friendship I have with my mother is different from my father because my mother pays attention to my problems, yet when I talk to my father he doesn’t give me a lot of his attention because he works most of the time. I do not spend too much quality time with my father because most of his time he is working at Metal Coaters in Rancho Cucamonga. I still have his friendship and he is usually my partner in crime most of the time. The friendship I have with my younger sisters is differently than the older ones.

    I usually don’t tell them much of my life just because I would have to find a way to correctly tell them what I am talking about. My younger sisters still do not understand what I say and would ask me to repeat it over. My smaller sisters I have a more caring friendship and I have to be careful on how I talk to them about certain things; I bond with my younger sisters more than my older sisters. In conclusion, every family is different and does everything differently, whether if they have unconditional support, love or something else.

    I would consider my family to be strong like crazy glues because no matter what happens we always get up stronger and our love never ends. I have support, friendship and unconditional love from every single member of my family and I love them to death, even when they make me annoyed. I can always count on them that they would always be there. I have learned how to appreciate the family that I have and make the best of it because at the end my family would always stick around and no one else will. In my eyes, I equally love my family and at the same time hate that they love me no matter what happens.

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