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    Music 121 Test 1

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    Music is exclusively the art of
    sound in time
    Pitch is the quality of
    highness or lowness of a sound
    What is another name for pitch?
    In which language are dynamics generally described
    Which dynamic indication is the softest?
    Which of the following lists of dynamics shows a change from louder to softer
    mezzo forte; mezzo piano; piano
    Which term indicates a gradual increase in dynamic level?
    What is another name for tone color
    Which is not an example of “beating time”
    a pianist playing an intricate, syncopated rthym
    giving the beat an accent means:
    making some of the beats more empathetic than others
    Any reoccurring pattern of strong and weak beats
    Placement of accents away from their normal places in a meter are
    Tempo is the term for the
    speed at which beats follow one another
    A metronome is
    a device for keeping the beat
    Which set of tempo markings is arranged in order from faster to slower
    An interval is
    the distance or difference between two pitches
    The set of seven pitches used in Western Music is called
    diatonic scale
    The chromatic scale consists of
    all white and black keys on the piano and is all half steps
    Tunes tend to be
    simple and easily singable
    The moments at the ends of phrases where a melody pauses or stops all together is called
    The shortest identifiable melodic idea is called a
    Motives are by definitions
    A chord that s0unds discordant, unstable, or in need of resolution is called
    A chord that creates a sense of rest can be described as
    The three main textures of Western art music are
    monophony,homophony,and polyphony
    The texture of a single melody played without accompaniment is
    Homophony occurs
    when the melody is heard in one line and the
    The texture that combines two or more individual melody lines simultaneously
    The principle of organizing music around a central or home pitch is
    moving from one key to another in the middle of the composition is called
    Though there are exceptions, music in minor mode can sometimes be described as_____, where as that in major mode can sometimes be described as _____
    sad; happy
    The most important foundation in form is
    repetition and contrast
    In a piece of music that can be diagrammed as A B A, the A indicates____, and the B indicates_____
    repetition and contrast
    Which shows the correct order from lowest range to highest range in the violin family?
    double bass, cello, viola, violin
    The following are all woodwind instruments, EXCEPT:
    French Horn
    Which lists the brass family in order from the lowest range to the highest range?
    tuba, trombone, French horn, Trumpet
    Which of these instruments is capable of playing melodies
    The middle ages, or medieval era, covers the time period of the
    The early history of Western music was dominated by
    the christian church
    The single line melodies of the early christian church are known as
    Another term for Georgian chant is
    Who is traditionally associated with collecting and codifying the chants of the church
    pope Gregory
    Which two characteristics do all plainchants share?
    All are non metrical and are monophonic
    Higdegard of Bigen was all of the following except
    a queen
    The torubadours, trouveres, and minnesingers were
    poets composers and musicians
    The few surviving medieval court dances are called
    The earliest type of polophony, dating from around C.E 900 was:
    Early polyphony had its beginnings at
    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
    Who were the two great composers of the Notre Dame School?
    Leonin and Perotin
    An outstanding composer of the French ars nova was
    Guillaume de Machaut
    What was the new, preferred texture of early Renaissance music
    The five key sections of the polyphonic mass are
    Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei
    The dates of the Renaissance are
    The muscial term for the voices alone is
    a cappella
    The two techniques were blended to form the compositional style for the mass
    imitative counterpoint and homophony
    Who was the first mater of the High Renaissance style, including the Mass?
    Josquin Desprez
    The style of setting words to music using rhythms that approximate human speech is called
    What is the device used by Renaissance Composer of Roman Catholic Church music during the counter-reformation
    Giovanni da Palestrina
    A short peice of music set to a one stanza poem of a secular nature with each part sung typically by one singer, and having alternating sections of homophony and polyphony, is a
    Italian Madrigal
    A Stylized dance is one that
    was composed to just be played, not to be danced to

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