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    More Facts About Personal Philosophy

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    Freedom is free yet eighty seven percent of Americans feel trapped by their jobs, obligations or responsibilities. (Brassfield 2013) Leisure was created reinforce free time, it has been used to combine a series of experiences that people can undertake in their spare time. Leisure encompasses a state of mind that an individual finds themselves in at a particular time.

    There are five dimensions of leisure. Time free from work, essentially meaning time when someone is not working for money (Soule, 1957) Freedom from obligations and expectations, an opportunity to engage in some kind of activity, whether rigorous or passive, which is not required by daily necessities (Neumeyer, 1936) Freedom to do what one loves mainly referring to relaxation, entertainment and personal development (Dumazedierl, 2010) Leisure as a state of mind, where an individual is free from thoughts of basic necessity (Nakhhoda, 1961) and lastly, Leisure as recreation.

    My philosophy focuses on leisure as an essential part of life. Whenever individuals are involved in satisfying leisure activities, such as golfing fishing or even knitting they can gain a sense of freedom, creativity, and achievement. Leisure also enables an environment for individuals to develop confidence, friendships, and interpersonal skills. Leisure can create new experiences, challenges, and adventures, as well as opportunities to maintain a healthy community. Leisure activities should be freely chosen. Leisure should always be peaceful and can be done in a place where a person feels comfortable.

    Some people even view leisure as a way of living, in which their leisure time is the largest factor of their daily routine. Leisure activities can include hobbies like DIY home projects that I personally enjoy to structured recreation time. My philosophy of leisure is simply using free time for personal enjoyment. Whatever that may be from watching youtube videos, shopping, exercising to activities that require more planning such as traveling.

    There was no particular individual that impacted my perspective of leisure growing up. I assumed leisure time was a societal norm. I participated in many sports that some would consider leisure or recreation but in actuality, it was a job. Dr. Fleming explained to the class how leisure time can have can have and physical mental effects on life, with that in mind I use my leisure time accordingly. Now I only do things that make me happy in my free time. I could not imagine life without being able to do the things that bring me peace like going on nail dates with my mom and thrifting my grandma once a month. I understand that one day I will not be able to do those but just pray God gives me the strength to get through such circumstances.

    The holistic perspective of my leisure lifestyle philosophy aligns with my career and life goals. Essentially I just want to bring others happiness, live contently and if I continue to follow my philosophy I intend to achieve said aspirations.

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