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    Minds Are Open Only When Hearts Are Open Argumentative Essay

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    You will agree that life dishes out different kinds of challenges to different people. Everyone has to face difficulties, problems, setbacks at some point or the other. My life appeared to be one long-drawn out struggle, Like most people, every time faced yet another problem that sapped my patience and forbearance, I asked myself in despair: Why me? Why can’t life ever be smooth and hassle-free? These questions seemed to have no answers. Being a religious person in the traditional sense of the word, concluded that God was unhappy with me.

    So I made every effort to please Him. But I got no response. Was I dialing a wrong number? As time passed, began to lose faith in someone who could not answer my questions and lead me to a more meaningful life. Resolved to find the answer myself. To set my mind at rest, became a seeker. Life is a test In the course of my journey as a seeker, discovered the Creation Plan of God. According to the plan, life is a test and its many problems are part of that test. Once the test comes to an end marked by death, we are either rewarded or punished, in accordance with our deeds.

    This world is like an examination hall where a student, with all the freedom to write whatever he wants, takes tests, It is only the result which determines his future. The student is made to confront pleasant and unpleasant situations -? a meant only to test him. His response determines the life to come, This avgas a logic to which my mind yielded without questioning. Everything fell into place. In the framework based on this ideology, discovered that all phenomena Of life were well-explained.

    TO an explanation-seeking entity called an, only true reasoning can initiate him into the process that will eventually help him to discover his Creator. God is generous desired little, but God gave me much; for what can be greater in this world than a satisfied mind? It is said, ‘Ask God not for a specific thing but pray to Him to bestow upon you what He deems best’. It is possible that while you might be praying for a small car, God may voguish to bless you with a luxury vehicle such as a Rolls Royce! Looking back, I van to thank God for having granted me the ability to understand and acknowledge the answers that were presented to me. Eave come to realize that you become receptive to the Wisdom Of life only when you free yourself of biases. If you are unable to shed your bias, you become a trafficker. It is important to live with an open heart and mind, so that you can think beyond your conditioning and discard inhibition and fear. When you discover the meaning of life, God Himself undergoes a transformation. This metamorphosis develops your personality and helps you to grow spiritually. It also helps you achieve material success.

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