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Me, Myself and I Essay (579 words)

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    I am a teenager. Being a teenager is about being cool, being free, and staying young. I love being a teenager because of those reasons. I describe myself, as a teenager, as being active, friendly, and daring (bold). This essay will explain these identities and connect the identities to my life. To begin, being active requires lots of physical motion. Being active also engages and ready’s people to engage in physically energetic pursuits. Running while playing football, for instance, is an active pursuit because the image shows activity and activity requires movement.

    Human activity benefits the health of our bodies. Also, I face some challenges when it comes to being active. First of all, being active is easy but staying active is hard. I always try to stay active and always do something, but sometimes it just gets tiring and I get sick of being active so I take a break or rest. Another challenge that I face is that I can get distracted. Being a teenager, there are many distractions such as TV, cellphones, and friends. Sometimes, these things can make you be lazy and get distracted.

    In addition, active people like to be around friends and in order to have friends, you must be friendly. This quality of a person comes from their personality and shows character within someone. A simple handshake can demonstrate just how friendly someone is. Friendliness is being sociable and not being shy. A way that I carry friendliness out is talking to people and listening to people. That seems very simple but it is the very best thing for becoming friends with someone and being friendly to your original friends.

    A challenge that I face with being friendly is laziness. Teenagers get lazy all the time, and for me, I get lazy just about every day. Laziness causes me to become unsocial and unfriendly, but when I wake myself up and snap out of it, I become more social and friendlier. Another challenge that I face with being friendly is bad days. Having a bad day causes me to become sad and it makes me quiet and not social and upbeat. But when that day is over, I soon become more upbeat and friendlier towards others because that’s just how I am.

    Third of all, being friendly will encourage people to step out and be more bold and daring. Being bold and daring shows the lack of fear in people’s lives. It also creates an adventurous passion within someone. For instance, jumping off a cliff displays boldness and courage at its core because it tackles the idea of being fearless and adventurous at the same time. Being bold and daring helps me grow as a person and it helps me overcome things. For instance, fear is a big struggle for most people and most teenagers.

    When I face my fear, though, I do those bold and daring things and I tackle fear head on. Being courageous is really what matters and that’s what I try to strive for in every adventurous obstacle I face. Knowing that being active, friendly, and bold helps me grow as a teenager, I more free and courageous. These traits help other teenagers grow, as well. Teenagers should adopt these traits into their everyday life, that way they will grow as I grew. All in all, these traits define my life and my personality in a way that helps me grow as a teenager.

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