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    Lincoln as American Politician and Lawyer.

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    Abraham Lincoln was an American politician and lawyer. He has also contributed as the 16th President of America. He says that you are any person, be a good person wherever you are. We realize from this that, no matter who we are, under whatever circumstances, we have to be good human beings always. Circumstances are never the same in life, but we should move forward keeping our restraint. Facing difficult situations with restraint and never boasting in good circumstances. Just as a lotus blooms in mud, you always have to support goodness in the face of a difficult situation.

    We all have got some skills since birth. We just have to identify them. If we see the work of others and let them down, then it does not benefit us anything. We can never improve our work by showing down the work of others. There is only one synonym for this. We should improve our work. We should improve our service by knowing our skills. It is good for others as well. The work done by a person with his or her ability and skill is definitely good. We cannot prove our work good by interrupting the work done by another person.

    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. – Abraham Lincoln. It is said that a man’s true face is seen only when he has the power. This is also true. Man has a nature, that in good times he becomes selfish. We often see this thing. Almost all humans in the world go out of any adverse situation, and live their lives. But a human being is tested only when he is powerful and how he treats others. That is why we should always support others in our good times. Should help other needy people. Do not take the wrong advantage of your power. Those who misuse their power, that power never rests with them.

    Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln. Everything in the world depends on our thinking. What we think happens in real life. That’s why great wise people always say, think well. The rule of this creation is to fulfill whatever we think, whatever we feel. When we set a limit to anything. So that thing should be within that boundary and it starts working in this direction. In life, we should set our goal. And he should work on it till its completion. We should choose carefully how happy we are to be in life, or which goal we want to achieve.

    We all get very stressful in this busy lifestyle sometimes. In all these things, our relations with each other deteriorate. Many times, we start hating each other. But if we have to progress, we have to be friends with everyone in life. If we raise a grudge against someone in our mind, then it has a bad effect on our mind. And we miss the happy moments of life. We can destroy our enemies by making friendship with our enemies. When no one will be our enemy, life will be so blissful and peaceful. We will be able to devote a lot of time on our progress. For this we should take initiative from ourselves.

    If a person has a true desire to do something in his mind, then no one can stop him. That person definitely achieves success. Nothing is impossible for them. We find many examples of this in the world. We should only aspire to achieve the chosen goal. There are many great people who did not have enough money, despite this they got higher education. And achieved the greatest position in life. There are also many people who have improved their economic conditions by fighting unfavorable conditions. If a person has a genuine desire in his heart, then this whole creation helps in fulfilling his wish. Many people have improved their physical condition so much through their will, that they have come back from death. Nothing is impossible for a person who has a true desire in his heart.

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