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    Into the WIld 

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    “Into the Wild” By Jon Krakauer, this book is written about a man named Christopher Johnson McCandless who up and left his life behind without a thought left behind him. This Book is a famous well-known biography based on true events. Chris, he wanted to explore and discover life without responsibility and live off the land, not having to rely on others. Chris is the protagonists of this novel he hitchhiked to Alaska and is living in the wild.

    Jon Krakauer in 1996 published Into the Wild, and showed the struggles McCandless withstood throughout his journey, how he survived and what the encounters he had with people who he had left a strong impression on. He explains a little about Chris`s life before deciding to leave for Alaska. What he searches for in this book is the clues leading to the death of Chris McCandless life. Even though what he chosen to do with life was an irrational decision, He believe that he would survive with made him arrogant. But with the lack of preparation it ultimately led to death.

    Chris McCandless who came from a wealthy family, was a well-educated scholar, an a very skilled athlete, but with he didn’t want that lifestyle anymore. He`d give all his personal savings to charity, left everything behind including car and possessions, and all the money in his wallet he burned. In result of everything he had done with reinventing himself it led him to death. “In May 1990, Chris graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, …. Had distinguished himself as a history and anthropology major with a 3.75 grade-point average (Krakauer 20). With his father who had worked for NASA before he opened his own business.

    Chris McCandless left a strong impression on Jan Burres. She was adventures also and she met Chris when he was on the road. “I have a son about the same age Alex was, and we`ve been estranged for a few years now. So, I said to Bob ‘Man, we got to take this kid with us. You need to school him about some things.’ Alex took a ride from us up to Orick Beach, where we were staying, and camped with us for about a week.” (Krakauer 30). They had hoped he would accept their help in which he did, what they hadn`t expected from him was to hear from him again. Two years after leaving the camp that, he was staying at with Jan and Bob never expected that he would send them postcards every month or two

    She wanted to help change his perspective about living free and warn him of his actions that would result in him putting his life in danger. Jan has such a want to help him come to realization that what he is doing is not safe because Jan is reminded of her son that left her. She wants to know why and what made him leave his family or even why he would not call and tell them he was and if he is safe. Jan Burres was trying to be a mother figure to him, and he did not want that. Her boyfriend Bob did not agree with the actions she was taking he would say… “Leave him alone! He is a grown man!” (Krakauer 45).

    On his way leaving the Burres he accepted the offer of them driving him the post office in Salton City, I told him, “Man you gotta have money to get along in this world; But he wouldn’t take it. Finally, I got home to take some Swiss Army knives and a few belt knives; I convinced him they`d come in handy in Alaska and that he could maybe trade them for things down the road” (Krakauer 46).

    McCandless left an impression on Jan that she would never forget, she as an emotional connection because of her son that was adventurous like Chris and he had left his family Jan and Bob to go out explore. She wanted to convince him want he was doing is wrong and how he is hurting his family and friends by leaving his life behind.

    Ronald Franz and Chris McCandless met in Salton City, California 1992. They grew very close together and developed a father/son bond. Franz emotionally damaged by the recent events that had occurred in life. “Franz a devoted Christian, had spent most of his adult life in the army, stationed in Shanghai and Okinawa.

    On New Year`s Eve 1957, while overseas, his wife and only child were killed by a drunk driver in an automobile accident.” (Krakauer 50). In result to the death of this wife and child, he turned into an alcoholic. “Franz started hitting the whiskey hard” (Krakauer 50). After six months he finally got this life together quit drinking completely and is now a recovering alcoholic.

    “Sunday, Franz decided to talk to Alex ‘about how he was living’.” (Krakauer 51). “… “Look Mr. Franz,” you don’t need to worry about me. I have a college education. I`m not destitute. I`m living like this by choice.” Ron wanted to be a father to Chris, which he knew him as Alex McCandless because he lied about his name when first meeting. He wanted to adopt Alex, but what he didn’t know about Alex is that he has a family back home and who is worried about him.

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