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    Into The Wild: Test Essay (1011 words)

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    McCandless was brave plenty to make things most people would non even think about making. “He was looking for more escapade and freedom than today’s society gives people. ” remarks one of Chris’s friends” ( Krakauer 174 ). What modern society offers did non appeal to Chris McCandless ; he wanted a different life that most people had themselves. He saw the influences society puts on our lives and decided he did non desire to populate that manner. “No longer would he reply to Chris McCandless ; he was now Alexander Supertramp. maestro of his ain destiny” ( 23 ).

    McCandless. now known as Alexander Supertramp. did non desire to be held back in any manner ; to see he would acquire full freedom he changed his name so he was able to get down fresh. McCandless took charge of his new life and was brave to be able to merely go forth everything he knew and was comfy with to get down new. Whatever makes you happy you should prosecute. McCandless did merely that even with all the negative people stating him it was a bad thought. Peoples find felicity in multiple ways ; through relationships. nature. faith. and many more ways. In a missive to Franz. Alex writes. “You are incorrect if you think rejoice emanates merely or chiefly from human relationships.

    God has placed it all around us” ( 57 ). McCandless knew that although it is nice to hold relationships you can happen felicity in nature and that is where he found true felicity. “He is smiling in the image. and there is no misidentifying the expression in his eyes: Chris McCandless was at peace. serene as a monastic gone to God” ( 199 ). Before McCandless’s decease he took a image and in the image he was at peace and happy even though he was entirely and traveling through the hurting of famishment. He was happy because he eventually found true felicity. McCandless found felicity in ways most did non. one time he found what made him happy he pursued in no affair what the effects were. “In the concluding post card he sent to Wayne Westerberg. McCandless had written. if this escapade proves fatal and you don’t of all time hear from me once more I want you to cognize you’re a great adult male. I now walk into the wild” ( 133 ). He wrote this to admit the opportunity that he might non last. He does non desire to decease but he knows that he is shiping on a unsafe escapade.

    McCandless besides feels that the whole escapade is worth it. nevertheless. for the existent experience of life wholly independently and freely. and his exhilaration was expressed at the terminal of the concluding post card to Westerberg. Peoples called McCandless foolish for his errors but everyone makes errors. “Instead of experiencing distraught over this bend of events. moreover. McCandless was exhilarated: He saw the brassy inundation as an chance to cast unneeded baggage” ( 29 ). Although he made a error of kiping in an country where there are brassy inundations and lost his auto. he accepted it and used it as a manner to acquire farther into his escapade by merely populating off what he needed. “Chastity and moral pureness were qualities McCandless mulled over long and often” ( 65 ). Although Chris made fatal errors he knew what was right and incorrect and would believe about it a batch. McCandless overall had regard and good ethical motives but made fatal errors which led to his decease. “Awkwardly. stiff with fright. I started working my manner back down. The frost bit by bit thickened.

    After falling about 80 pess. I got back on reasonably solid land. I stopped for a long clip to allow my nervousnesss settle. so leaned back from my tools and stared up at the face above. seeking for a intimation of solid ice. for some fluctuation in the implicit in stone strata. for anything that would let transition over the frosted slabs. ( 137 ) ” That quote truly explains what a brave adult male he is and how he can get the better of obstructions that the others like Rosellini. McCunn. and Waterman couldn’t. Peoples who did non believe McCandless was brave idea he was a immature foolish adult male who caused many hurting with his go forthing and decease. Chris did do errors but so did others and that does non intend he is foolish. He did non desire to do others pain but he needed to get down fresh and off from everyone he knew. “Alex is a nut in my book. ” wrote a occupant of Healy. the crossroads at the caput of the Stampede Trail. “The writer describes a adult male who has given away a little luck. abandon a life household. abandoned his auto. ticker and map and burned the last of his money before shleping off into the ‘wilderness’ West of Healy” ( 71 ). Although McCandless did all of those things. he did it to hold a fresh start.

    He did non desire to be held back from anything and in the terminal it made him happy. A reader of the Outside magazine asked. “Why would any boy cause his parents and household such lasting and vexing hurting? ” ( 71 ) McCandless did non desire to do his loved 1s pain but ended up doing them hurting since the lone manner he could happen true felicity was to go forth everyone he loved. Although some may non be able to see the grounds McCandless left all his chances and loved 1s behind to travel on an escapade that caused him his decease. he merely did it because that was what made him happy.

    Chris McCandless was a immature adult male that went against society and found felicity in things most people would be afraid to seek. He had the courage it took to travel against society to happen his felicity and although he made errors he did what he enjoyed even if people thought he was foolish. Peoples should non judge others for what they do that makes them happy and being weather plenty to make something different than what most do.

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