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    Importance of Values (639 words)

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    Values are of importance to many people in this world because they are things that you believe are important in the way you work and live. Examples of various types of values consists of dependability, reliability, loyalty, honesty, respect, perseverance, courage, and many others.

    Why these things are so important to people, is because they are the basic foundation of our lives, and they help us to grow and develop. In addition to this, they also guide our beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Knowing what our values are can help people to easily make decisions that are right for them.

    The Mercy Values includes four main values, which are justice, hospitality, mercy, and service. Justice, in order to achieve fullness of life, is having the right relationships with all created beings. Hospitality, to be at home with oneself and with others, needs the openness of the heart and mind.

    Mercy is the willingness to help ease the pain from the chaos of people’s experience, and the last Mercy Value listed, is service. Service is to meet the needs of individuals and communities with generosity in sharing their talents and time. Applying these four Mercy Values into our lives can not only help us become better people, but they can help us in the professional world.

    Justice in the professional world, can be linked to occupations such as police officers, correctional officers, criminologists, detectives, etc. Workers who have these kind of job positions must have other feelings such as equality and integrity because they are required to keep people safe from harm, and they are also needed to catch criminals who could potentially harm others. With the value of justice, you need to have the right relationships with all human beings.

    For occupations needed with the value of hospitality, there are a few such as a hotel general manager, a hotel receptionist, a waiter or waitress, an event manager, or an event planner. With each of these jobs, you need to be open and kind to everyone you meet.

    In addition to that, you also need to be comfortable with yourself. If you are not comfortable, the people that you are consulting with will see that, and they will also be in an uncomfortable state. It is important that you should be confident with yourself and be kind to people that you work with, and everybody that you meet.

    An excellent occupation related to mercy, is a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist’s job, when counseling, is to diagnose and treat mental disorders. In order to do so, they must analyze and evaluate the patient by listening to their problems, and everything that they have to say. In order to help the patient’s, they must enter into “their world”, and see everything from their perspective, so that the psychiatrist can gain a better understanding of what the patient is going through.

    When people hear the word “service”, they usually think of community service. Community service can range from big activities such as cleaning up a park, or small and simple activities such as interacting with residents in a nursing home.

    When serving the community, it helps people to not only provide service to those who need it, but it also enables people to acquire knowledge, and life skills. Volunteering to serve, shows that you are willing to work for the betterment of others. An excellent occupation using the value of service would be nursing. Nurses are required to take care of, and treat patients, so that they will become healthy.

    The four values of Mercy, which are justice, hospitality, mercy, and service can be applied in our everyday lives, and in our professional lives as well. They help us to become more mature, and more humble. Although each value may have a different meaning, they all have the same positive outcome.

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