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    I am so much like you Essay (1874 words)

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    We’re all so different and so diverse- in personality, and background, race and creed, perceptions and beliefs, thoughts and emotions, aspirations and wants but eventually we all come down to being human and that means we’re all the same. We have fears and dreams. Everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants to be happy. Nobody wants to suffer yet we all do. I used to question myself a lot before . Why is life so unpredictable and why is it so unfair ? I tried reasoning and debating and still remained dubious with my conclusion.

    It perplexed, exhausted and angered me till it reached a point where I thought “Alright, its another rebound of hell or it’s the end” . And while mentally trying to picture an effective end, my mother had sent me a heart-warming and all questions answered e-mail one morning which silenced my thoughts and words. It’s a timelessly wonderful story about two angels who come down to earth. And i think it is worth sharing. It starts off in a far away place here on Earth with the first footsteps of an old angel and its young angel companion on the soil.

    They arrive wearisome from their journey and I don’t suppose they’ve had a very comfortable flight. They look desperately for any shelter and see a gorgeously lit up, lavish -styled house and eagerly approach it for anything edible to quiet their rumbling tummies and rest their throbbing heads. The welcome received, however, is so different in contrast to the beautiful house nestled in the lush gardens. The owners turn out to be a miserly and mean family who roughly push the two angels in a dark cellar for shelter and grudging and hostile, they shove down stale bread for them to eat.

    The young angel is deeply hurt by this and remains silent. The old angel is even more saddened but remains firm. At night, the old angel discovers a deep crack in the wall and taking a bit of crumbly , fallen rock, firmly pushes it in to mend the hole. “Why are you mending the wall of such an unfriendly home? ” the young angel asked bewildered. “Things are not always what they seem” replied the older one . And they leave the very next morning. The two continue their journey and thirsting, they approach a shambled down cottage a little way ahead.

    The young angel is cautious and wary but its thirst gets the better and they knock at the rickety, half ajar door. An old couple welcome them joyously and begin preparing a poor but hospitable, hot meal for the two immediately. At night, they willingly give up their beds to the angels and sleep on the hard floor. The angels are grateful for such a warm welcome especially the young one who remains deeply touched by such kindness. Early next morning, the angels wake up to a loud wailing cry and learn that the couple’s only milking cow which was their single source of income had died. The young angel is angered and lashes out at his partner.

    At the house of the family who treated us so badly and had everything, you repaired their wall to save them trouble and look at what you have done to this kind couple who have nothing! They shared what little they had with us and what have you done? You allowed their cow to die! How will they survive! ” The old angel looked patiently on and explained “Oh, young one. Things are not what they seem to be. ” “I cannot understand how you could be so unfair! ” protested the young one impatiently. ” See,” explained the wise old angel patiently, ” in the previous family’s home, I saw a large gold nugget in the wall and that’s why I repaired it.

    Their wealth has got the better of them and their greed is excessive. They did not deserve to have discovered such a treasure in their house. But last night while you were asleep, I saw the angel of death knock on this kind couple’s door and it had asked for the woman. Knowing the old man needed his wife, I offered the cow instead and it bade me goodbye. ” Things are not always what they seem. Reading this story touched my heart and I could feel the warmth thaw away all the regret, anger and bitter resentment I held for whatever made my life short of perfect. I tried to think back on my life and perhaps you should do the same too.

    How many times have things not gone right? Have you figured that perhaps it could have been worse? That perhaps everything happens for a reason and sometimes, horrible things are just blessings in disguise? Could you have been saved of some deathly claws like the kind , old couple in the story and never know it? I can think of several occasions in my life when miracles happened and then of other occasions when things went bad…and now, I’m still thankful for them. After reading this story, I have felt a deep urge to pass it on to others around who may need to know the secret of why life is so much what it is.

    So many questions are answered. Why is it that even when you pray devotedly to win that basketball match, you end up losing ‘simply because it’s a battle of talent and skill . If you’ve asked God to help you, don’t forget that your opposing team has asked the same. God won’t take sides. He’ll simply bless and strengthen you both to do your best. Why do murders and horrible things happen’simply because God gave everyone the free will to choose what they want and if he stopped the wicked from thinking and carrying out diabolical deeds, he’s denying them the gift of free will and deciding for themselves.

    But he always protects you. God had strange ways of taking care of life but its ok. Because in the end, it’s always ok. I have rendered my help to so many people and it is my dream to establish a proper counseling and reaching out center that heals and strengthens people on the inside and touch places where no one else has been able to reach. I had chalked down some food for thought and it greatly helped a lot of my friends so I want to share it with you now so that it may make a difference in your life too. And provide your answers without question so you may grow in life and in love. MY FOOD FOR THOUGHTHOPE IT HELPS

    YOU AND UR SELF-WORTH – If God created you and you actually exist right now ,then you’re probably worth it. God does not create crap for nothing. Neither does he waste his time. -If you can find at least one person who loves you, you must be a wonderful person who probably isn’t aware of it yet. -Everyone is as good as you but no one can be good like you. -If someone is better than you, he’s probably just trying harder . -Most of the time, we really aren’t alone. We just choose to feel and be that way. -If you feel alone, trace a line down from your body a source of wonderful existence and life to any direction anywhere. You’ll notice that wherever you go, a form of life always exists before you even get there. -Everyone is unique. Just because you can’t be a sprint runner or a supermodel doesn’t devalue your worth. At the end, it only means the sprint runner and the model can never be a musician with a smile like you. -You may not have flawless legs but be grateful you have some at all. You may not be able to afford to life luxuriously, be grateful that you can live.

    -If you can make a difference to anyone, get at least one person to smile, you are probably very special. If people who are blind can see with insight and people who are dumb can speak through love, then you can do anything you want as well. -Someone DEFINITELY thinks about you or loves you. Most of the time, you never know it. BELIEVE ME ON THIS. -If you’re going through good times, feel blessed. If you’re going through bad times, feel blessed too. It simply means that after the strengthening test, the good times roll again. -Bad times are flattering for your character. That’s simply because God never gives you anything you can’t fight which means He must think you’re pretty strong. -Everyone belongs somewhere.

    We just get lost at times but eventually we always return – as easy as intuition. -At some point, EVERYONE feels worthless, dejected, rejected and lost. It’s natural to feel that way and even more naturally comes your cure. It helps to know we’re all on this together. We’ve all been there and we all know how it feels . DEALING WITH OTHERS -Everyone is unique and diverse. Don’t hate to tolerate it, appreciate it. -Care for those who care for you. Nonetheless, an enemy can sometimes be conquered with love. -Two wrongs don’t make a right so why stoop to a lower level? -Some things never change. We do -Some people never change.

    We will. -Parting of distance or death can be bitter trial in disguise. -Chalk out the subtle but strong difference of the “R” in people. Friend and fiend- then live accordingly. -Family doesn’t necessarily mean one blood. The test of time proves it means one love. -Nice people stay around only for a while. Rotten people will be around to hound you ALWAYS. -Thus, accept tough people and tough times as a challenge- they strengthen and reinforce your body and mind. -But be wary of those who scheme your downfall. -Never judge, be quick to speak good, slow to speak bad. -Seek to treat others like they were all your friends. Remember if one good turn deserves another, then a bad deed could also backfire. -You don’t have to like everyone but you have to respect them. They’re all equal to you. THAT LOVE THING -The price of your heart is invaluable- be careful with your exchange. -If someone hurts you , neglects you or makes you cry, you simply got yourself into the wrong deal. -Falling for looks mean hell when you get old.

    Falling for a good heart means heaven forever. -Relationships can reach an ending, love can’t. -Fear and doubt are not elements of love. -Long distant relationships CAN work for you if you work for it. Love suffers silently. -The only screaming and hurting allowed is when you make love. -True love only succeeds in the absence of stupidity. -If someone hurt you once, he can do it twice. -No one who ever cheated love got out the same with his peace, value and sanity -Relationships that are not meant to be will simply NEVER be meant to be even a hundred years from now. -Illusion and sex can successfully mask themselves as “love”, only difference is, they never survive. – Love makes the world go round. Watch out for the girls that also make it go shopping and money splurging. Hehehe.

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