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    How Technology Affects Our Lives – Essay

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    Technology destroys the environment. The industries that manufacture technological product can increase emission of varied material to the air, earth, and water. once it’s disposed of as runoffs, it contaminates water bodies like lakes and rivers, whereas their manufacture emits greenhouse gas emissions and totally different harmful chemicals to the air that boost international global climate change. procrastinating their waste in landfills results in soil contamination and killing of vegetation around these environments to boot.

    Additionally, use of technology destroys the environment by inflicting the extinction of species. The high consumption of energy attributed to technology results in the disruption of the atmosphere through international global climate change. Thus, the improved emission of toxic substances to the environment produces harmful chemicals that kill varied animals just like the peregrine and so the eagle.

    Technology to boot affects the environment through excess power consumption. The high use of technology at work, home and colleges cause increased would love for energy to verify the technologies work non-stop. Thus, it enhances the reliance on its generation that depends on nuclear and fossil fuels that additional strains the environment.

    The reliance on technology results in isolation. Physical interaction is crucial to human health as a result of it facilitates bonding and creation of relationships. However, with technology use, it creates on-line social networks that cause constant and quick communications.

    However, it reduces face-to-face communication, personal contact with others and engagement in social activities with families and friends, exploit one in their world. Isolation causes strained relationships, loneliness, depression and lack of support systems to change one with efficiency overcome varied issues.

    Every parent has a cellphone and even in many cases an Ipad or tablet. Who has easy access to these devices? Children. Gone are the days of playing I spy with my little eye to pass the time, even gone are the gameboys. Now it’s the iPad now it’s the iPhone, YouTube is on there, addictive games that just make children want to reach the next level and and everything else. Now it’s just the days of you going to a restaurant and you’ve got to whip out the device for the child. What kind of impact is that having a child’s development?

    Well it has a lot of impact on them and not for the good. Sometimes it can help them with learning numbers and letters and there are some great games where in ten to twenty minutes a day is plenty. When you’re starting to use these things in place of all other ways of learning that it is when technology poses a problem.

    We are already in an age where communicating and engaging with people face-to-face is limited because everyone is already connecting behind a screen or sending emojis to show emotions or feelings. With that being said, being very cognizant and very remindful and remember that when most adults now grew up, were talking to each other and playing with each other.

    Technology use to boot breeds privacy and security concerns. Continuous use of technology and posting of personal data on-line makes it realizable for everyone to know regarding one’s life. Criminals can access this data through phishing, virus attacks, and hacking and use it to conduct criminal activities removal people of security.

    Moreover, technology makes kids vulnerable to sex crimes by sexual predators and bullying through avenues like texts, emails or hurtful videos as perpetrators can hide behind pretend identities.

    In conclusion, use of technologies could be a necessary development among the globe as a result of it provides property, and creates numerous positives that make a stronger world. However, its use presents severe adverse impacts that threaten the future. Therefore, one has to like better to use it effectively to reap the benefits whereas avoiding these consequences to boot.

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