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    Gay Parenting Controversy Essay

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    Gay parenting is an issue that affects a great number of people worldwide. Although the number is a minority, the issue still causes heated debate. People who are in favor of Gay, Lesbian, and Bi-Sexual parenting rights claim that as long as there is a commitment to parenthood then successful parenting is achievable as a homosexual or bi-sexual. Since within a gay couple there is no chance for accidental pregnancy, the couple must make a conscious decision to become a parent.

    People opposed to homosexual parenting argue that homosexual couples are not capable of having long enduring strong relationships required for the successful upbringing of children. They claim it is in the child’s best interest to be raised by one female and one male. Such a family would provide the best environment for healthy intellectual and emotional growth. Obviously the debate over homosexual parenting brings for concepts of individual rights and the definition of family.

    What the argument boils down to is the definition of a family. With “family” defined there is little argument over who is capable of becoming a parent. An editorial found in Pride Page, an online gay community news and information cite, offers a defense to the gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual right to parenthood. The article by Brian W.

    Fairbanks entitled “Gay Parenting is still Parenting” attempts to provide the reader with valid reasons as to why gay couples should be allowed to become parents. Fairbanks believes that the same reason a heterosexual couple should be allowed to have children is greater in homosexual couples. Heterosexual couples are given the right to child-rearing because the are seen as fit to be parents. Homosexual couples have the advantage. He points out that the only way a homosexual couple could become parents is through actively choosing to become a parent.

    In no way would it not be planned, unwanted, or unexpected. Fairbanks’ also argues, “it takes love” to make a family and sex is not a part of the equation. The author is clearly very level headed regarding this issue. He doesn’t make outlandish remarks or accuse anyone as being the cause of the problem. He attempts to touch the reader’s heartstrings instead of raising anger. The evidence he presents is quite valid and believable.

    He brings forth one fact from the American Bar Association as well as three references to pop culture, which anyone can recognize. The author opens with reference to a quote from Jean Kerr; “Now the thing about having a baby…is thereafter you have it. ” Fairbanks’ argument is that this quote doesn’t “sink in with potential gay parents anymore than it does with many straight ones. ” In other words, he believes that no matter what the sexual orientation people simply don’t realize all that is involved in having children.

    Parenting is to be taken seriously. It is hard work which necessitates “selflessness, responsibility, and commitment that few people…are always prepared to give. ” Here the author is trying to put homosexual couples on the same playing field as heterosexual couples. To define what it takes to be a good parent allows the reader to become subjective no matter what the point of view regarding gay parenting. I feel the method Fairbanks used was excellent in forcing myself to look at the true essence of parenting and opened the playing field for any point of view, which he was about to make. That next point would be regarding the choice of parenthood.

    Fairbanks claims there is one advantage homosexual couples have over heterosexual couples. There is no need for birth control or abortion and there is no fear of accidental pregnancy. Because of this homosexual couples must make that conscious decision; the intelligent, responsible choice to become a parent. If the parent(s) are willing to give themselves to have a child then, according to Fairbanks, that would make gays just as good of a candidate for parenthood as anyone else.

    As long as “the commitment to parenthood is there, successful parenting is wholly within the gay couple’s grasp. ” With successful parenting being defined earlier in his work Fairbanks has made a convincing argument. The author next brings to light moral ideals set by our society. He .

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