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The Anatomy of Friendship: Exploring the Qualities of a Good Friend


Mental Health



Words: 502 (3 pages)

Friendship is a basic human experience that is crucial to our growth both personally and socially. Friends help us, widen our horizons, and enhance our lives in a variety of ways. But what really qualifies as a “good” friend? What characteristics and actions support solid, wholesome friendships that endure? This article explores the qualities of…

Effect of Social Media and Internet Addiction on Mental Health


Mental Health

Social Media

Words: 1938 (8 pages)

With the current developments in technology, social media has taken a bigger role in influencing how people live their lives. It has become a major part of people live that it has become a necessity; in that people can’t live without being present on any of the platform. With that being said, it is essential…

Justification for Systems Perspective in Decision Making to Meet Client Needs

Mental Health



Words: 2201 (9 pages)

Practicing social work from a systems perspective is needed to provide evidenced-based care to an entire system to produce lasting change to complex problems. This paper will first discuss the impact of a systems perspective when choosing theories at all levels of social work practice. The paper will also include the importance of understanding diversity…

Should Animals be Used in Research: Argumentative Essay



Mental Health

Words: 942 (4 pages)

Understanding the motive for health disorders, and seeing how to treat and remedy them, is a troublesome business. This is for two noteworthy reasons, firstly, there is significant variability within patients with regard to their symptoms, their ways of life, their medication patterns, and their social situation therefore establishing a cause and effective correlation is demanding and requires the study…

A Description and Evaluation of Two Definitions of Abnormality


Mental Health


Words: 923 (4 pages)

An example of someone we may diagnose with a mental health disorder using the ‘failure to function adequately’ determination is an adult with depression. For instance, they may say that they experience very low mood, alongside extreme fatigue, equating to them struggling to get out of bed. This may cause them to feel too tired…

Influence of People on Our Mood, Attitude, Motivation





Words: 1349 (6 pages)

In the book, The Happiness Advantage ; Principle 7, Shawn Achor claims that our need for social support links to biology of the human body, not just mentally. I agree with the theory that our bodies are linked and impacted by social connections. In the passage he states that if we lack social connections it…

Anxiety and Depression in Adolescence Development




Words: 542 (3 pages)

In the principal’s office at Standard Middle School, my chest contracted, my heart raced, my body shook, and my mind raged with endless possibilities. The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, and the fear of the possibility of me being in trouble all contributed to having my very first anxiety attack. Anxiety can…

The Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A): Mild to Moderate Anxiety


Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1193 (5 pages)

According to Bech, ‘Hamilton developed, The Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A) and the Hamilton Depression Scale (HAM-D). The scales have been in existence for over 50 years (Bech, 2009). His main focus was to identify symptoms of the client’s behaviors. (Bech, 2009). This paper will review the experience of taking the Hamilton Anxiety Scale assessment. Secondly,…

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder Essay


Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1443 (6 pages)

Anxiety is a mental condition of varying types, causes, and effects. Having many different forms, it can be beneficial or problematic depending on its intensity. While it is normal to experience small anxiety, unusually intense feelings of anxiety are classified as disorders and can have harmful effects on one’s mind and physical being; for this…

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Repeal on Youth Mental Health Services

Affordable Care Act

Health Care

Mental Health

Words: 2311 (10 pages)

Abstract This paper discusses the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and legislature related to the mental health programs in the youth education system. It will delve into the importance of some of the major programs funded by the ACA. The positive impact it has with these programs and the future outcomes of youth will be described….

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