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The Evolution of the Diagnosis and Classifications of Mental Diseases


Mental Illness

Words: 1137 (5 pages)

The history of mental health has been ever-changing. It has been susceptible to change ever since the idea came about. Every aspect from the names in which we categorize disorders, to how we treat the patients, to who treats the patients, where they are sent, the ways in which we communicate with each other about…

The Benefits of Nursing Language Development and the Nursing Classification System



Words: 862 (4 pages)

ANA in Nursing Language Development and the Nursing Classification System The application of nursing language for documentation of nursing care is important to both the profession of nursing and the direct care nurse. Recently, the ANA has sanctioned 13 languages that promote the nursing practice, of which 10 are taken to be specific to nursing…

Addiction as a Disease: A Crucial Classification




Words: 1002 (5 pages)

When a person finds themselves faced with addiction, there are also faced with choices that might seem impossible to make. The choice to be honest and come to terms with the reality of their addiction, the choice to seek help, and even the choice to stop using the very thing that holds them prisoner. Although…

The Classification and Characteristics of the Gender Roles in the Society



Gender Roles

Words: 693 (3 pages)

In contemporary society, gender differentiation can be highly controversial. Gender dimorphism is a popular theory that the only genders are male and female based on the male and female bodies (Jacobus 749). Judith Butler questions the validity of this, arguing that gender “is by no means tied to material bodily facts but it is solely…

Support Vector Machines (SVM) Classification and Systems Used Two Main Parameters


Scientific method

Words: 658 (3 pages)

Before the advent of deep learning, features. Were hand-crafted using sophisticated statistical methods.These handcrafted features were commonly used with the traditional machine learning approaches like Support Vector Machines (SVM), for an instance. Hand-crafted systems used two main parameters – Image descriptors and Distance metrics. Image Description uses features such as color/texture for foreground background. Distinction…

Research on Joint Method Based on Electroencephalographic in Complex Scene and Classification


Scientific method

Words: 559 (3 pages)

Abstract Based on the Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) and Support Vector Machine(SVM) joint methods, this paper proposes a novel EEG signal processing joint method in the complex scene for more than five kinds of EEG signals. This new method improves the accuracy and comprehensive efficiency of EEG signal processing. First of all, the new joint method…

Rock Mass Classification System for Slope Stability Determination in a Region of Saudi Arabia


Research Methods

Scientific method

Words: 1006 (5 pages)

Abstract Rock mass classification system used to determine stability of rock slope mainly in highways passing through rock cuts. Several rock mass classification systems developed to know stability against rock slope conditions. In a region of Saudi Arabia, slope cuts located in uneven rocky area is considered. Different empirical methods have been applied to 22…

A Comparative Study of Learning Vector Quantization and Adaptive Adaptive Regression



Research Methods

Words: 877 (4 pages)

Motamarri and Boccelli (2012) proposed the application of learning vector quantization (LVQ), a direct classification approach, for comparison with multivariate linear regression (MLR) and ANN approaches and integrates input selection for model improvement by concerning primary and secondary water quality standards. They showed that ANN performance was more similar to LVQ when a larger number…

A Survey on Mobile Price Classification using ML Techniques


Mobile Phone

Words: 2101 (9 pages)

Abstract It seems like every day a new cell phone is released. The price of mobile phones varies when we talk about all the products being offered in the market, so there is a need for a system to predict Mobile prices in the future. Mobile price classifier can help the customer determine the selling…

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