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Focus Essay

Adair Kuhstos
April 1 2004
Period 3
I’ ll Always Love You
“Good night mom and dad; I’ll see you in the morning, and I’m really
sorry.” Tiffany said as she trudged up the stairs. It was just a couple
days before Christmas, and ever since Tiffany and Megan had goten out of
school for Christmas break, Megan had spent every night with her boyfriend,
Derrick. “I always have to be home by 10:00 no matter what. It’s not fair;
I’m 15 years old, I’m not a child anymore and I think I can take care of
myself. Just because Megan is seventeen she thinks she can do anything. Why
are things so unfair,” Tiffany thought to herself as she got ready for bed.

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As she laid in bed that night so many thoughts went through her mind.

“It didn’t seem like I had as many gifts under the tree as Megan did
tonight, Tiffany thought, “she gets to do everything, and I don’t get to do
anything, ever.” Tiffany could not get any sleep that night because she
could not stop thinking about how awful her life was. It seemed that she
had nothing that she could call her own. As Tiffany dwelt on how her
parents must love Megan more, her feelings of self-pity slowly turned into
hatred for her sister.

Tiffany finally fell asleep. She had an awful dream that night. She
had dreamt that it was Christmas morning. She was so excited as she jumped
out of bed and ran downstairs excitedly, but when she reached the bottom of
the stairs, her entire family was sitting in the kitchen crying. Her mom,
dad, grandparents, and aunts and uncles were all sitting around the dining
table crying. Tiffany also saw herself just sitting there. She was not
crying; she seemed to be staring at something no one else could see.

Tiffany tried to get her own attention, but failed. She didn’t know what
was wrong, and it seemed as if no one could even see her. In her dream,
Tiffany started walking towards her mother when she suddenly felt someone
shaking her.

Tiffany immediately bolted out of bed. Her dad was staring her
straight in the face, and his eyes were filled with terror. “Dad, what are
you doing? Do you realize what time it is?” Tiffany groggily said to him.

Her father sat on Tiffany’s bed and tried to explain that Megan had been in
a horrible car accident.

Tiffany quickly got out of bed and put some clothes on. She could not
see what she was putting on; all she could think about was getting to the
hospital. When Tiffany and her dad arrived at the hospital, she saw her mom
already in the waiting room. Tiffany could tell that she mom had been
crying because her face was swollen and red. Tiffany had not cried the
entire way to the hospital, but when she saw her mom and dad sitting in
front of her sobbing, tears flowed uncontrollably.

Tiffany’s mother explained to her that Megan and Derrick had been hit
by a drunk driver, and Derrick had been flown to another hospital. Megan
was in surgery, and the doctor did not know if she would make it. Tiffany’s
mother tried her best to tell her that as Megan and Derrick were going
through a stop sign another car did not stop and hit them on the passengers
side, Megan’s side.

Tiffany sat with her parents in the waiting room for what seemed like
forever, however, it was only three hours. Tiffany thought she was going to
go crazy just sitting there. She wanted to know what was happening to
Megan. She was ashamed of what she had thought that night, but all she
wanted to do was tell Megan how much she loved her. She would never take
her sister for granted again. “I love my sister, and I never wanted this to
happen to her,” Tiffany thought. Tiffany felt awful; her guilt had overcome
her, and it made her so sick that she could not stand sitting next to her
parents a moment longer. As she walked around the small, confining room she
thought to herself, “What if I can never say I am sorry? What if she is
never the same again? What if she dies?” She also thought about how Derrick
was doing, and she was praying that he was fine. As she was pacing the
waiting room, a doctor came in and headed straight towards Tiffany’s
parents so Tiffany started walking towards the three of them. She could not
hear what the doctor had said, but she did not have to. The look on her
mothers face said everything.

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“I nervously walked through the brightly lit hallway. As the doctor
lead my parents and I to room 312 I was more anxious than I had ever been
in my entire life. The doctor slowly opened the door to the dark room, and
I took my steps as if I were walking on glass. I didn’t want to wake up
When Tiffany went home that night, all she could think about was
Megan. She never realized how valuable her sister’s life was. Tiffany
walked up the stairs to her room, but on the way to her room she passed
Megan’s room. She went inside, and laid on Megan’s bed. There were so many
things that reminded her of Megan. As she laid curled up on her older
sisters bed she looked around the room and everything looked and smelled
like her sister. She looked at all the pictures, all the awards, and
everything else that belonged to Megan, and she thanked God for Megan’s

Two days later was Christmas. Tiffany and her mom and dad went to the
hospital early in the morning hoping they would be able to talk to Megan
for longer than ten minutes. They packed up all the gifts under the tree
and headed up to the hospital.

When they got to Megan’s room, a nurse was there helping her eat. It
was a miracle; she was not supposed to be able to eat yet. Minus a few
scratches and bruises, Megan looked like her old self again. Tiffany went
to her sister’s bed to give Megan her gift. “I didn’t have a lot of money,
but I hope you like it,” Tiffany shyly told her sister. Megan opened the
envelope and unfolded the tiny piece of paper. It said:
My life is not complete without you. Who would I share my secrets
with; Who would I run to? Who would pick me up when I fall? When I need a
friend, Who would I call? You know I love you That I always will. I give my
love to you; A love which no one can steal. Megan, I love you so much,
Megan folded the poem and put it back into the envelope. Tiffany
looked up at her older sister and as Megan looked at her they both started
crying. While the two girls sat there crying and hugging each other,
Tiffany realized how special Megan was to her. She never wanted anything to
separate them again.

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Focus Essay
Adair Kuhstos
April 1 2004
Period 3
I' ll Always Love You
"Good night mom and dad; I'll see you in the morning, and I'm really
sorry." Tiffany said as she trudged up the stairs. It was just a couple
days before Christmas, and ever since Tiffany and Megan had goten out of
school for Christmas break, Megan had spent every night with her boyfriend,
Derrick. "I always have to be home by 10:00 no matter what. It's not fair;
I'm 15 years o
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Focus Essay
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