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    Flight – describe Alice’s thoughts throughout the story Essay

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    “Flight” is an interesting story, as it shows the relationship between a young girl and her Grandfather. The story creates tension about the way Alice’s Grandfather reacts towards, her boyfriend and the thought about Alice getting married. My essay will describe Alice’s thoughts throughout the story. I knew I was right to be worried. Mum had said that Grandad would come round but it doesn’t look like it to me. I don’t want to hurt Grandad, why does he have to react like this? Doesn’t he know that he his upsetting me and himself?

    What is wrong with me having a relationship with Steven? I am eighteen! Iam not the same little, old Alice anymore, why can’t he see that? I am not a child, why is he treating me like one? The problem is he still thinks I am a child. He can’t see past ‘little Alice’, he just can’t accept I am all grown up. Well, Mum has said it is okay so he is just gonna have to like it or lump it. He is the one who is messing it all up. I don’t want to hurt him. Why does he keep interfering in my life? Oh, hurry up Steven. I need to see you, I want to get away from here, from Grandad.

    I want to be married, to be with Steven all the time, why is that such a problem for Grandad yet Mum is fine about it? Oh, great there he is, perhaps Steven can help me persuade Grandad. Perhaps Steven can talk to him, make friends with him. This is just what I was scared of Granddad finding out about Steven and me, I didn’t want to hurt my Grandfather it was just that he reacts in a way which would make me upset and also him upset. In fact what is wrong with having a relationship with Steven? I knew it mum has said Granddad would come but it doesn’t look like it to me.

    after all I am eighteen I am not the same old little Alice anymore am I? I am not that little Alice who used to like to just play around all the time like a little child. My Granddad thinks that I am still in my childhood. GOSH!!! Things are just going so wrong at this moment; Steven could arrive any minute now. I hope that Steven doesn’t turn up right at this moment because if he does everything is going to be in such a mess. “Da da da da da” Granddad will go and tell mum and she already knows, then even if he doesn’t know about everything he will find out.

    I do not understand that I do not want to hurt granddad, but why dies he keep interfering with my own life. He doesn’t even know how it feels to get married. Oh! Steven’s here I’d better go. I knew it that Steven will help me to convince granddad. Steven has brought the Pigeon for granddad, but I hope that granddad likes the gift that Steven has brought for him. Even though it was my idea, I just hope that granddad accepts the gift. Since Steven has brought the gift, will granddad accept it? After all he is against Steven. I hope that the gift will act as a golden weapon for improving granddad’s reactions towards Steven.

    I really do love my granddad but I love Steven too and I don’t know what I should do. But I think once for all weather this trick works or not I am going to get married with Steven. I really don’t want to hurt granddad but he has got to understand that I love Steven too; my relationship with granddad will never change even after getting married. I really don’t want to argue with granddad, I really do love him. Granddad has accepted the pigeon, which has made me very happy; now that grandfather has accepted this I am free to move on in my life.

    He has left the past behind now. We will not have to argue with granddad now, also that there is a possibility that granddad turns up at the wedding and now I am ninety-nine percent sure that he will turn up at the wedding. I won’t be coming back home and even when I do it won’t be the same as before, as I will have to be more mature and I will have more responsibilities. Oh! I will miss my childhood with granddad; all those fun times that I have had with him. Anyway I do have to get on with my life and move on ahead.

    This story creates tension about the way Alice’s grandfather reacts towards her boyfriend and her thought about getting married. I knew that granddad would say the same old things again and again. I thought that showing no expression on my face could improve the situation at that time. I was although very glad that my idea about the pigeon worked quite well. My granddad and Steven are both very important people in my life, so I was glad that I did not have to pick one out of the two of them. I am glad that by the end the situation created came to an end.

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