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    Film Analysis of American Beauty and the Graduate Essay

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    The film “American Beauty” literally is seeking to show how much beauty there is in America but it is non ever so easy to see. Often in the movie objects usually thought of as ordinary are magnified to show deeper significance and demo what beauty truly exists in the universe. The colour ruddy. for case. is an ordinary colour but it shows its face legion times throughout the film. The colour is non merely ordinary it is important. as it represents love. passion. and felicity. Though. the colour ruddy is really stand foring the absence of those facets in Lester and Carolyn’s matrimony. In the scene I choose to analyse. Lester and Carolyn about reach that ruddy in their lives once more for a minute. so all of a sudden it turns to gray and the reply to the disappearing of their passion for one another is exposed. Mise-en-scene is used from the minute the sequence begins.

    There is no illuming in the room merely the natural lighting from the Sun glancing through the drapes. This realistic cinematography greatly affects the reality of what is approximately to go on between Lester and Carolyn ; it provides a really natural and intimate scene. However. in the background all that is seeable are fancy. expensive ornaments and pieces of furniture. which represents the wealth that has consumed the passion and love that Lester and Carolyn one time had for one another.

    It is even portrayed in the vesture each histrion is have oning. Carolyn appears dramatic and of high societal standing in her fancy violet frock. while Lester appears simple and unworried in his sweat pantss and jersey. The organic structure linguistic communication within the sequence expresses the world of what the movie is truly portraying. When Carolyn enters the room she is so edgy. as Lester seduces her and moves closer and closer to her until he is snoging Carolyn’s cervix. she unwinds until she is right at that place with him in merely a minute of passion and felicity. In an instant the minute ends when Lester about ruins her cherished sofa. Carolyn returns to being edgy and mercenary and Lester to being angry. He becomes so angry with her because she has let material things be her life. This shows how of import love. passion. and felicity in life is. what it is truly approximately. and how difficult it is to keep all in merely a few short proceedingss. The filming in the movie does a fantastic occupation conveying the echt significance behind the sequence every bit good.

    The camera is placed far from the histrions at the beginning of the scene and becomes closer and closer as the desire between Lester and Carolyn grows. When Carolyn relapses and becomes disquieted about the couch about acquiring ruined the camera goes out once more and the histrions are surrounded by all of the material points in the room. In that frame it is clear that the more confidant. shut up scene was more tasteful to see than the angry room full of expensive furniture. Through this sequence the spectator should be able to understand the societal issue addressed ; that today Americans ignore the altogether. pure beauty in the universe and alternatively are obsessed with the sum of objects that they can have. Natural beauty is vanishing. while shop bought beauty is turning. In clip this will destruct true felicity. The movie is touching the viewer’s bosom and mise-en-scene and filming do a fantastic occupation at exposing the actuality of what America is going.

    The Graduate

    From when Ben escapes from the party into his room until he and Mrs. Robinson go forth his room. ( Chapter 2: 6:31–8:45 ) The movie “The Graduate” is about a new college alumnus who is really diffident of his topographic point in society. every bit good as in his ain personal life. Equally shortly as Benjamin arrives place from college he is bombarded and suffocated by anyone and everyone. They are all complimenting him and inquiring what he will be making with his hereafter. Benjamin has accomplished so much in his life so far but for some ground he feels unworthy of all the attending. Finally after multiple efforts. Benjamin escapes the overpowering party to the lull of his ain sleeping room. The sequence begins with Benjamin closing his door and eventually loosen uping. He rests his caput on the dorsum of the door and lets out a suspiration. He so walks across the room and looks out the window down at his parents triumphing about him to some friends at the party. Then Ben approaches his fish fish tank and begins to stare into it. ( This is non the first clip the importance of the fish tank is noticed in the film. )

    His thought is interrupted by Mrs. Robinson as she barges into his room. “looking for the bathroom” . Ben courteously tells her where it is located but she merely keeps speaking to him and even returns to sit on his bed and light up a coffin nail. Throughout this full subdivision of the sequence Ben repeatedly glances over at his fish tank. Mrs. Robinson so leaves the room. but for merely a minute before she returns inquiring him to drive her place. Benjamin insists she merely take his auto but she claims she does non cognize how to drive it. He says he will drive her and she tosses his keys into the armored combat vehicle. Ben retrieves the keys and they both exit the room to stop the sequence. Cinematography is exemplified in many different ways throughout the sequence. It is all in colour and spends the bulk in a shallow focal point. that is. with the exclusion of anytime the fish tank is in the frame. When that occurs it becomes the focal point of the frame. More than one time during the sequence the camera zooms in near up on the fish armored combat vehicle and remains focused on it for a good continuance of clip. It is ill-defined at this point in the movie what the importance of the fish tank to Benjamin but one can presume that it represents a sense of peace. relaxation. and possibilities.

    He has been so overwhelmed by everything that is traveling on and a simple regard into the fish armored combat vehicle can hesitate his feverish universe for a few short minutes. The dominant mise-en-scène prop used in this sequence. as antecedently mentioned. is the fish tank. It is absolutely lit. and filled with a assortment of alone fish. Ben is staring into the armored combat vehicle when. all of a sudden. Mrs. Robinson disrupts his few short minutes of relaxation. The manner she invites herself into the room and the camera follows her as she moves farther. disregarding Ben’s waies. onto his bed immediately the spectator can feel the familiarity that will organize between them subsequently.

    A bed is an intimate object and it is handily placed following to the armored combat vehicle so both the break in his life at this point. Mrs. Robinson. and his sense of peace. the armored combat vehicle. are both in the frame at the same clip for a minute or so. The full continuance of clip that they are both focused on in the frame Ben goes back and forth glancing at the armored combat vehicle and Mrs. Rogers. As the sequence comes to an terminal though the last thing the spectator sees is the armored combat vehicle. non Mrs. Robinson. This is the first clip in the movie that Mrs. Robinson is introduced and she seems to be problem. nevertheless. the armored combat vehicle and what it represents holds more importance in the terminal. To me. this embodies the togetherness that Ben eventually will happen at the terminal of the movie when he conquers Mrs. Robinson.

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